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    Chevrolet offering serious off-road performance parts for the ZR2 in 2019, never seen this kind of OEM support

    Not only is GM giving the ZR2 some love with their partnership with AEV on the ZR2 Bison. The 2019 Accessories Catalog has been posted and there is about 21K worth of performance parts strictly for the ZR2. I'd love to see some other OEMs offering this kind of stuff. Jeep is close...
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    Changing hubs on Xventure XV-2, need advice.

    I have purchased, but not picked up yet a 2014 Xventure XV-2 Essentials Plus Demo directly from Schutt Industries. As you can see in the picture the tires are not made for off-road and as this was a demo, I'm sure it probably spent most of it's time on a paved road. From what I can tell, the...