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    Wanted...small roof top tent in New England-Northeast

    I’m looking to buy a used, excellent condition RTT that can sleep one person ( or two in a pinch) Want to spend under $1000 Will be mounting on cap of full size pu truck. Email me at Thanks
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    RAM 2500 6.4L towing Observations

    I just penned a quick article to my web site on my observation from towing my travel trailer over 3000 miles with my new Ram 6.4L gasser. I monitored 13 tanks of fuel using various octanes and transmission setting to try and get an idea of what returns the best MPG. Hope you find it...
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    2018 RAM 2500 Farkle Projects

    Here is an article I wrote to my web page on all the farkles (accessories) I added to my new RAM 2500 Fold down rear floor exterior additions E- Track in bed GPS Install bracket more.... Hope you enjoy it!
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    Time For A New Truck!

    Traded in my 2006 Dodge RAM 2500 5.9 diesel with 196,790 miles for a brandie new 2018 RAM 2500 with 6.4L gasser and 12 miles! Only have 83 miles on it so far. Will be leaving on a long trip as soon as it has had 500 break in miles and I can start towing. Massachusetts to Oshkosh, WI. Will be...
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    2006 Dodge Ram 2500 4X4 Diesel (Boston Area)

    2006 Dodge RAM 2500 / 5.9 Diesel / 4X4 For Sale in Boston Area Extensive upgrades Jan 2017 performed by "Auto Werks Diesel" in New Jersey less than 25,000 miles ago...Total cost over $20,000 (Invoice on request) BD Diesel Built Tow/Haul Transmission BD Diesel Remote Transmission Filter BD...
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    Olympian WAVE 6 Catalytic Heater ...A review

    Here is an article I posted a week or so ago when I decided to buy a Olympian WAVE 6 catalytic heater. Now that I've been using it for over a week in near freezing weather out here in the Arizona desert I have some...
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    New 24V power system......

    Very interesting! Special appliances designed to work with this LIO battery pack....
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    Arm rest added to Toy Hauler fold couch

    I decided to add some type of arm rest to the couch in my Forest River Grey Wolf 19RR Toy Hauler Wrote an article with pictures on my web site.
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    HUGE Black Friday Solar Sale!!!

    I buy all my solar devices from AltE Solar here in Massachusetts. My office is 10 minutes away so I can drive and pick up large panels etc. They are running a Black Friday 10% off sale and a week or so ago they lowered the prices dramatically on their solar panels. I use a lot of the 140w 12V...
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    5 Solar Facts You Can't Ignore

    If you are not subscribed to the Australian magazine "RV Daily" and you boondock...You should be! Great reads on solar, campers, outback camping and boondocking. Here is an article on the myths of solar. Very interesting!
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    Sent in my deposit for some serious upgrades!

    2006 Dodge Cummins....170,000 miles Runs like a top, but time for some proactive work Sent a deposit of nearly $10K to Auto Wurks Diesel in Caldwell, NJ. I've been following articles in various magazine and online about these guys. Drove four hours to meet them and was VERY impressed with the...
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    Easiest Winterizing Yet!!

    This past summer I installed an onboard compressor with a storage tank in the Toy Hauler....Great for airing up water toys, tires, cleaning of fishing equipment and dirt bikes.... You can read all about the install here...
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    Dexter E-Z Flex installation on my trailer

    I added the Dexter E-Z Flex system to my trailer today. Wrote and article with lots of pictures on my web site. Enjoy! Safe Travels!
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    Added Compressor and Tank to my Toy Hauler trailer

    I decided to add a pre built compressor and storage tank to the toy hauler. For inflating tires, blowing off parts and general high air pressure needs. Lots of pictures and verbiage on my web site
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    A few more modifications, additions, farkles

    I had time yesterday to do a few more things (farkles) to the trailer Refrigerator Vent Fan New Tires and Wheels Paint the Entertainment system Install a compressor Wrote all about it with tons of pictures on my web site. You can check it out here: Hope you enjoy it!
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    Cellular Booster / WiFi Booster install....Done!

    I finally got to take the cover off my Toy Hauler trailer and installed a Cellular Booster and a WiFi booster. I wrote a long article with tons of pictures on my web page. You can check it out here:
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    TST507 Tire Pressure Monitor....A Review

    I just added a TST 507 Tire Pressure Monitor system to my truck....Wrote a short article about it that you can read here: Enjoy!
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    Simple Cargo Slide for my Toy Hauler

    I wanted a way to access "stuff" in the large storage area under the bed. Here is a quick DIY on building a simple cargo slide You can read all about it on my web site:
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    My WiFi Extender adventure

    Like many of you, I'm not a "Full Timer". I still own a house and a yard and a bunch of stuff! But I plan to work out of my Toy Hauler this spring and summer as my business has me traveling all over the country. Why not work in a different area each week? This entails being able to connect to...
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    Duracell !2v Grp 31 AMG back at Sams Club...$179

    They're Back! I bought two last summer and I was told they were the last ones available in my area and they were discontinued. I paid $179 each and then got 20% by opening a...