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    Basic recovery gear for full size?

    Planning a last minute trip wi5 my new ram 2500, we’re heading to Durango, Moab, Ouray next week for about 3 weeks. I’ve had 4runners in the past and mostly trucked along fire roads and such, not looking to do anything hardcore but figured it’d be a good idea to have some basic...
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    Tundra vs F150

    Hey guys I asked in domestic... But im Looking to upgrade from my 4Runner..... Im gonna space for 3 kids in car seats so the runners getting a bit small. So I’m looking at F150s and Tundras. Ford 5.0 vs tundra 5.7 both large crew cabs and 4wd. Ford has locker and a bit better mpg...
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    Tundra vs F150

    I’m looking at upgrading from a 4Runner to fit 3 car seats in soon...... looking at Tubdra and F150s both crew cabs both V8s. Wanting a decent do all truck for family but also do some back roads/fire roads. Big bend, Colorado, nm etc..... Any opinions on one vs other?
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    New Burb found -- 2500

    Been looking for 4+ months now and finally found a burb I've been looking for. Was looking to upgrade from a 4Runner for family of 5 plus A black lab. Found a black 2013, 2500 suburban with 40,000 miles on it just 200 miles from home. Pics later but excited to finally have one!
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    Vehicle advice

    Looking to get something a little larger. 4 people and 1 dog.... possibly 3rd kiddo added soon. Currently have 4Runner which I love but doesn't have the room for two kids plus the Lab..... I do like to bird hunt and pull a ATV trailer. Mainly looking for something that can do forest...