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    The redneck overland tundra

    So this is my new build thread for my 2000 Toyota Tundra otherwise know as the coyote or (yote) for short. I have been sorta a lurker in this site and some of the tundra guys like toyotech know my rig from Facebook but here I go... So after wrecking my first truck (a 2003 Toyota Tundra v6...
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    2000 Toyota Tundra budget build

    Hi everyone another lurker here so I finally bought another tundra after getting into a car accident with my 2003 tundra but I am back with the first gens Here is my build atm Roll bar Cobra cab radio Custom build shovel mount Hi lift jack mount Plastic dipped Tacoma wheels Ammo can lock...
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    The Honey Badger my 2003 toyota tundra

    Here is an overview of my 2003 toyota tundra build Mod list so Far: Modified roll bar Hi Lift jack mount Shovel mount Cobra 29ltd Cb Radio Ipod classic mount Bed box Future mods 3 inch leveling kit Snorkel Rear tire swing arm Front trailer hitch receiver for a winch setup Kc lights for...