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  1. deadbeat son

    3rd gen pickup ifs suspension performance

    Congrats on getting all the way to, through, and back from, the Rubicon in the same truck! Sounds like an awesome experience!
  2. deadbeat son

    1987 4runner travel light build

    That's a drop-bracket lift. Basically, the front crossmember is removed and the entire thing is spaced down, along with the front differential and lower control arms. I'm not familiar enough with the 1st gen IFS to know whether the crossmember had to be cut out to install the lift. And yes...
  3. deadbeat son

    Generation Zero Tundra Co-opskis T100

    Glad to hear you're okay, sorry to hear about the truck. It sounds like you may be able to salvage it?
  4. deadbeat son

    Tacoma or four Runner

    I recently had C5-7 fused, and my Tacoma isn't any less comfortable for me now than it was when I bought it new back in '09. In addition to this truck, I've also owned an '06 4Runner and a '17 4Runner. The 4Runners are nice, and IMO the back seats are more comfortable than the Tacomas. While...
  5. deadbeat son

    Bajablazer85: 1985 Chevrolet S10 Blazer Build

    Love your restomod build! As a kid, the S10/S15 Blazers were my favorite vehicles. And then when I was in my early 20s, I bought an '83 with the 2.8. That engine quickly ruined my favor for them... I think your 3.4 swap was necessary, and I agree it should help keep some of the charm. I...
  6. deadbeat son

    4Runner 2.7 clutch replacement

    I can't give you any advice with regard to direct experience, but if the OEM clutch lasted > 225k miles, why look anywhere else for a replacement?
  7. deadbeat son


    The more I think about it, the more possibilities I see in this thing. If a possible production model ticks all of the following boxes, they may have my attention. 1. Low range 2. Less flashy trim options 3. Peppy power train (turbo 4cyl would be good at altitude) 4. Good fuel mileage (>25mpg)...
  8. deadbeat son


    Guess I called that one.
  9. deadbeat son


    My guess is it will be the equivalent of an AWD Scion Xb, designed to compete with the Jeep Renegade.
  10. deadbeat son

    16x7 aluminum wheels for Tacoma!

    There are 6-spoke TRD wheels available in 16x7. The linked example is silver, but they're available in black from some vendors as well.
  11. deadbeat son

    Summitbeerowl's 93 Toyota Truck Build

    I honestly didn't notice the rust until you mentioned it. Then I noticed a little over the fender arch trim on the passenger rear. As for a rack on mine, I've never had the need, so I've never even considered one. I have been thinking of selling the topper in favor of a mid-rise model though.
  12. deadbeat son

    The perfect tire.

    Your ideal tire reminds me of the old Dunlop Radial Rover RT. I really wish they hadn't discontinued them back in '08 or '09.
  13. deadbeat son

    Summitbeerowl's 93 Toyota Truck Build

    ^ I absolutely love it as-is. Looking forward to seeing the post-paint results though.
  14. deadbeat son

    Toyo Open Country CT ???

    Sorry to hear that, but thanks for posting the feedback. I guess this is another example of the old adage, "you can't judge a book by its cover." The CTs definitely look the part for a tire that can handle some Colorado weather.
  15. deadbeat son

    Advice on a 4runner purchase

    It's only 10k/year, that's not high.
  16. deadbeat son

    89 Toyota Pickup - Cali -> Alaska -> Cali

    Holy cripes, that thing is beautiful!
  17. deadbeat son

    89 Toyota Pickup - Cali -> Alaska -> Cali

    If I were you, I would get that truck, buy some new AT tires, get in the slow lane, and smile all the way to Alaska.
  18. deadbeat son

    GX470 Skinnies

    255/75/17 isn't a 31" tire, it's a touch over 32". It's taller than both a 265/75/16 and a 235/85/16, I've ran all 3 sizes on my Tacoma. But yes, it is smaller than a 285/70/17 in both diameter and width. In my experience, the 255/75/17 is a great size for the various Toyota platforms. As a...