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    Hope you don't mind a random message. Found your TB trailer pics posted from 2017. just wanted...

    Hope you don't mind a random message. Found your TB trailer pics posted from 2017. just wanted to know your comments about having your awning mounted with a lot sticking out past the two mounting points. Doing similar Foxwing mounting on my custom built trailer. I have found only a few...
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    NEW Foxwing 2.5 awning - LHS - Make Offer- Northeast

    Did you ever sell your Foxwing? In southern MA, and am interested.
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    Telescoping RTT Rack Design Question

    Did you ever build this idea? I am doing this same thing on my trailer and the RTT that arrives next week. Thanks.
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    Toby the Turtleback Trailer Build Thread

    Finally ran across your build thread. Fantastic ideas and top-notch building skills! You are clearly in the class of an Overland Artist. Background- I am putting the CVT Mt. Shasta Extended RTT (56"x48") on my custom 5'x8' trailer, (58" high). Similar issue as you, as I want to have RTT...
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    A new twist on bed mounted RTT's

    Congrats! looks fantastic and great job! just wish i had 1/10th the welding skills. Pictures tell us that it was a great success. Congrats!!!! Any comments on how hard it is to lift the tent (~100-130lbs) up from the stowed position and over to the rear? I am guessing that for two people...
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    RTT Trailer Lift System

    Very same question I have. I have considered various ideas, but built nothing myself yet. I have never seen any "commercial" devices. I would need only 12" to 18" of height to make it useful. Most people seem to be happy just building a fixed rack that puts their RTT up very high...
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    USB Charging Ports

    quick fix for existing vehicles/trailers Great find. I like it. I use a lot of other BlueSea stuff for both my jeep and my trailer, so I will add this to my next project. For my previous projects, I already had a lot of the 12VDC plugs installed, so i used these two adapters. The first...
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    Trailer tongue box battery setups?

    Here is what I have done. Yes, it was based on the hundreds of great builds that others have done. I studied all the many options and came up with this configuration. yes there are many others, but this one worked well for me. Some of this was covered in my trailer build posts, but here it...
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    Northeast Trailer Build

    Finishing the wiring Well, I got some time this week to do quite a bit on the electrical. I put in the second deep cycle battery, connected all the wire runs back to the distribution panel. All wires are labeled and all have separate ground wires. And I even turned on the floods and the dome...
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    Northeast Trailer Build

    Overland Expo Well, I have been on the road for two weeks, so nothing new on the trailer build. But..... I did get to go to the Overland Expo last weekend and I just have to say it was great. So I think it deserves at least one post here. First, I will say that I learned a huge amount of...
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    Solar Setup Advice

    pods8, don't worry, I totally agree that not everyone needs 300W. and no, I don't need 100ah per day. that is just my battery size. No one can discharge a battery with all 100ah down to 0, anyway. It would be a dead battery and junk. But using up to 50ah in several days of camping is very...
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    Solar Setup Advice

    do the math first I was looking at adding solar too. But find any of the big solar websites and their users and they will show you why they always seem to have 300w to higher systems. A LOT of great information out there. I then did the math on how many Watts of solar equals what...
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    Northeast Trailer Build

    Sorry, but no progress this week. But I did want to say that I have just decided to go to Overland Expo next week. And I will say that I am psyc'd. :jump: Just need to decide weather to bring 1 or 2 credit cards, my checkbook or my kid's college funds....... Just did a search and didn't...
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    My Build Has Begun

    Congrats Totally awesome looking ! Not only will you enjoy it, you will definately have every one else on the road pulling over to stare. So now we will be looking for some action pictures out in the woods!
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    Standard size of your nose box?

    my is not the classical "nose box" but just want to say that my 48" x 20" by 18" tall box is already pretty much full. I will post some pictures in the next week or so with the finished result. For now, (my build in progress) see that my box has a charger/dist panel on the left side (about...
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    Northeast Trailer Build

    wiring Here are the latest pictures for the wiring. The power cord hatch and vent went it very quickly. I added the vent, only because I kept seeing that people 1) warned about the charger getting to hot, and 2) because I want to keep this box vented due to the batteries being in the same...
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    My Build Has Begun

    Optima data It is a common mistake to think that Optima batteries have "high" amp-hour ratings. the D31Ms are rated for only 75Ah each. They are fantastic batteries, I am sure. But they are "low" when compared to other Group 31 deep cycle batteries. Other AGM group 31 batteries can be in...
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    Northeast Trailer Build

    Frank Bear Teardrops Do a google for "Frank Bear RV" he has an eBay store front and his own Website under Vintek. Also, he was willing to talk to me on the phone about my project and give me some inputs and ideas. He was a really nice guy and great to do business with. Also got my LED...
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    Outlander Trailer Sherpa II project...Dial-up beware!

    CPAP machine? Hey thanks for the info. it is a starting place. and it sounds like the Optima 55ah did great. but yes, I would agree that more is better. And are you charging the trailer battery through your tow harness? if so, can you get an idea of how well this does on the recharge...
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    Outlander Trailer Sherpa II project...Dial-up beware!

    battery life Hey BWJ, Excellent looking rig, and the upgrades you did are really good ones. Yes, Robert is keeping his reputation as a top-notch builder. Can you tell us about your battery life at bit. Both when you had one battery and now when you have 2? Yes, I know it will "depend" on...