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    1.5" G2 wheel spacers for JK

    I have a set of G2 Wheel Spacers for JK 5x5 bolt pattern. Come as shown. Model # 93-73-150 I'm in the IE of So Cal. Asking $100 for all 4 plus shipping.
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    Eccotemp L5 won't stay lit

    The heating element on my Eccotemp L5 won't stay lit. I hear it come one and run for 30 seconds or so, and then it shuts off and the water stops heating. Thermocoupling? I figured I'd ask here before I contact Eccotemp tomorrow. I'd guess someone else has had the same problem.
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    So who has converted an old teardrop into a off-road capable trailer?

    Has anyone turned an older aluminum tear drop into an off-road capable trailer? I found a old Scud-A-Bout for cheap I am looking at. I'm just not sure how it will hold up off-road. I know I will need to beef up the frame, but the body panels kind of worry me. It's a 60's model, so I'm not sure...
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    Trailer tongue weight distribution

    For those with small off-road trailer, are you following the 10/90 to 20/80 tongue weight distribution method? I hardly have anything on my trailer, and am having a hard time picking up the tongue and moving the trailer around. I debating weather I need to add a foot or two to the tongue length...
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    Bivy Stick GPS communicator

    I just won a Bivy Stick gps communicator from the raffle at Expo. I also just signed up for a year contract on my garmin gps communicator, so I’m looking to sale for $300 plus shipping or trade for? I’ll be at expo until Sunday morning.
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    Bomber Products awning mounts.

    I have a pair of Bomber Products Awn-Locks for sale. These will fit Thule, Yakima, and Rhino Rack regular bars and racks. Will need new hardware. Asking $75 plus shipping. Can bring to Expo West if paid for before hand.
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    Has anyone gone from a drawer system back to a simpler way of storage in their vehicles?

    I've been considering ditching my drawer system, and going back to using storage boxes for my gear. I live on the Mojave Desert, and I like to bring all my stuff into the climate controlled house when it's not in use. It seems using storage boxes would make this a lot easier. Am I insane? Has...
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    Labrak awning mounts

    I'm selling a pair of Labrak awning mounts. These are made to work on Thule or Yakima roof bars. I bought them for a project and was going to try and mount them using the flat plates, but I ended up not installing the awning. Asking $70 shipped. Posted on multiple boards. First I'll take it...
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    Maxtrax mounted as a fairing when not in use

    I've been trying to figure out where I want to mount my @MAXTRAX , and had the idea to mount them across the front of my roof rack where they could act as a fairing while driving. I need to build a fairing for my rack anyways. Opinions? Is this a dumb idea? Brilliant idea?
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    Overland Expo sold
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    Multiple blue tooth devices?

    So I've noticed in some youtube videos that people seem to be running multiple blue tooth devices off of one tablet. I think it was a @LifestyleOverland video where he was cycling through his tablet and had Gaia, Torque, and his music player all running off the same tablet. Am I that much a...
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    82 QT Edgestar fridge

    Edgestar FP861, 86 quart fridge. Only reason I am selling it is because it is to big to use in my 100 series and I need to downsize. I worked great in my Suburban. Works great, has a few stains in the bottom, will also come with some hold down brackets I bought but never installed. Located in...
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    Steel channel U fittings to mount RTT

    I bought some steer channel U fittings from Grainger to mount my RTT to my 1.5" square tubing I have on the trailer. They are little bigger than that, and I need some type of rubber or such strips to put in to take up the slack. Any ideas? All I could find at home depot was door insulation, but...
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    Anyone make anything like the Camp Cover tool bag?

    I currently have a bunch of toll rolls in a Husky tool bag, but I hate digging for stuff. I found this Camp Cover tool bag, but they don't ship to the US. Anyone make anything close to it? Closest I have found is the Bucket Boss Super Roll. Camp Cover Tool Bag Bucket Boss Super Roll
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    Are there no moderators here?

    The 3 pages of spam crap has been up for almost 24 hours.....
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    Picked up some solar panels. Have a few questions

    My boss bought a pallet of these from an auction. I bought 2 of them off of him. Is there a good beginners guide to solar? I have googled the model # (Siemens SP150-CPL) and have not been able to find any info on them. I my goal is to make a frame out of aluminum channel & the plastic fittings...
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    Any 1st gen Ford Explorer builds?

    I've been searching, but have only found 2nd and newer.
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    Utility bed trailer build

    I had a thread on this awhile ago, but the photobucket fiasco made it easier to just create a new thread. So this is my utility bed trailer build. I found a utility bed from a Tacoma that was mounted onto the front half of a 3/4 ton Suburban frame. The suspension was the factory coil springs...
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    Howlingmoon RTT parts ***Update***

    So one of the stupid little plastic ball sockets for the tent extension broke off today. Anyone know if anyone stocks these or where to get a replacement? I have an email into Sierra Expeditions, but figured I'd as here also.
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    Trailer spare tire location

    I can't decide where to mount my spare tire. It's a 285/75/16 to match my 100 series. My trailer is a tacoma sized utility bed mounted on a custom frame. My choices seem to in front of the bed, on a swing out to the rear, in the bed, and underneath the bed. I found a half a tire gate (the swing...