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  1. jcbrandon

    Douglas County, Nevada, Conservation Bill Open Houses

    Douglas County, Nevada is holding a series of five public open house meetings regarding a proposed congressional conservation bill. The bill will affect many parcels of land in the county that are currently managed by various federal agencies. One of the areas in the bill is the Burbank Canyons...
  2. jcbrandon

    Public relations opportunity re: modified trucks

    This came across my desk a few minutes ago. The deadline to respond is 7PM Eastern Time, tomorrow, June 21: The writer is Mark Vallet of You can respond to his query via email to: This is an interesting opportunity. The writer states that he will...
  3. jcbrandon

    MEX 1 at 45 mph

    I just got home last night from a drive to the tip of Baja and back. The odometer shows 3,250 miles from Northern Nevada to Cabo San Lucas, round trip. We did 2,200 miles in Baja in nine days. The purpose of the trip was to test some motorcycles. The bikes are retro-styled cruisers made by the...
  4. jcbrandon

    Pinnacles National Park?

    Pinnacles National Monument in central California may become a national park: I've been there many times and it is one of my favorite places. Any opinions on the proposal? (And just to head...
  5. jcbrandon

    FJ Cruiser ALLCal Meet Hollister 7/30-8/1?

    If you are headed to the annual FJ Cruiser AllCal Meet at Hollister Hills SVRA July 30 through August 1, stop by and say "Howdy." I've been invited to staff the Tread Lightly booth at the event. Should be fun.
  6. jcbrandon

    Irresponsible behavior and social networking

    The Voice of America has an article about law enforcement using social media to find back country lawbreakers:
  7. jcbrandon

    Free-Range Kids

    Have you seen Free-Range Kids? It's a blog by Lenore Skenazy. She writes "When I wrote a column for The New York Sun on 'Why I Let My 9-Year-Old Take The Subway Alone,' I figured I’d get a few e-mails pro and con. Two days later I was on the Today Show...
  8. jcbrandon

    Help Tread Lightly decide where to train

    Tread Lightly is asking for support in determining where to offer training courses. You can fill out the survey at: I have no idea how long the survey will be active. So if you want to see a training course offered in your area, speak up now.
  9. jcbrandon

    Disabled Explorers on CBS News, 4/26

    Lance Blair and Disabled Explorers will be featured on the CBS Evening News on Monday, April 26. Lance was interviewed by Steve Hartman for his Assignment America segment. Check your local TV listings and set your DVR!
  10. jcbrandon

    UAV for video?

    Anyone have any experience with mounting a camera in a radio-controlled aircraft and using it for expedition photography? I think one of the things that makes great off-road video is helicopter shots. The Dakar does that really well. But not very practical for us. Radio control pilots...
  11. jcbrandon

    Two off-roaders fined, sentenced to probation for Lake Tahoe damage

    From an Associated Press story: "Two South Lake Tahoe men have been placed on one year of probation and ordered to each pay $500 fines for damaging public land at Lake Tahoe." Here's the story from the Reno newspaper: I think the...
  12. jcbrandon

    dual sim phones in US? alternatives?

    Anyone have any direct experience with dual sim phones in the US? A bit of background: I need to get a second mobile phone line but I don't want to carry two mobile phones. So I asked my local cell phone dealer for a phone that can support two lines. I might as well have asked him to cure...
  13. jcbrandon

    Disabled Explorers Reno Fundraiser Picnic, February 13

    Disabled Explorers will be bringing the Wheelchair Accessible Van for Expeditions to the Reno, Nevada area in February. We've got a community meet and greet planned for the evening of Saturday, February 13. In a bold attempt to generate donations to our non-profit 501(c)(3) organization, we are...
  14. jcbrandon

    Disabled Explorers Reno Meet and Greet, February 13

    Disabled Explorers will be bringing the Wheelchair Accessible Van for Expeditions to the Reno, Nevada area in February. We've been invited to introduce our organization and our programs at the annual conference of the National Mobility Equipment Dealers Association from February 10 through the...
  15. jcbrandon

    A quick trip in Death Valley

    I had three days to spare so I made a fast dash into Death Valley. A few highlights of the trip: The road to the Racetrack: ... The Grandstand at the Racetrack: ... The sand dunes near Stovepipe Wells: ... Sunset at a minimalist camp in Darwin Valley: ... And a narrow margin...
  16. jcbrandon

    Disabled Explorers to Traverse Great Deserts of the Southwest in 2010

    Disabled Explorers will take a recently disabled veteran over the historic El Camino del Diablo (The Devil's Highway) along the Arizona/Mexico border from January 22 through January 24, 2010. The multi-day trek is the inaugural trip in the organization's Desert Solitude Series which will...
  17. jcbrandon

    So, this guy with no legs walks up to the booth...

    I spent last week volunteering with Disabled Explorers at the SEMA show in Las Vegas. It was the unveiling of the new Sportsmobile W.A.V.E. 4x4 van project and I figured another person in the booth might be helpful. It was an incredible experience. We had a continuous stream of traffic in the...
  18. jcbrandon

    Soft tonneau covers?

    Anybody have opinions on soft tonneau covers for overland use? I've been thinking of getting one to protect my camping gear from the weather and casual theft. I want to retain the ability to carry tall loads when necessary and to access the truck bed from the sides so a tonneau might do the...
  19. jcbrandon

    5-ton shackle, $4.67

    Fastenal is selling shackles with a working load limit of 5 tons for $4.67 online: Their website says the price is good until June 30 (2009). I bought some in my local store today for $7.19. Still a good price and I did not want...
  20. jcbrandon

    Jungle yachts?

    Ever hear about a Commander Attilio Gatti and his "jungle yachts?" Picture a couple of streamlined semi-trailers, set up as luxury living quarters, cruising Darkest Africa in 1938 to 1940. Here's a picture of one of the rigs on its way from the International Harvester factory where they were...