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    For Sale: 2018 Iconic Off Road, Off-Grid Backcountry Boondocking Toy Hauler Trailer/Home

    This trailer is amazing. Talk about attention to detail....good luck with the sale!
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    Lets See Your Solar Setups

    Full writeup on my 420 watt system on my web page....
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    Wanted...small roof top tent in New England-Northeast

    I’m looking to buy a used, excellent condition RTT that can sleep one person ( or two in a pinch) Want to spend under $1000 Will be mounting on cap of full size pu truck. Email me at Thanks
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    Need Welding Advice - Concerned About Quality

    This is so sad. Hopefully you owe him most of the $8000. Walk away. This will end up being a horror show down the road. Thiscwelder need a clean stainless steel brush and a gallon of acetone to clean that aluminum before welding. Those gaps are a huge liability to structural strength. So sorry......
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    Surus: 2017 Power Wagon build

    Great thread. I haven’t read it all, but a comment. Lose the air tank. Store air in your sliders and your spare tire and install aux fuel tank in the spare tire area. Good idea?
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    RAM 2500 6.4L towing Observations

    I just penned a quick article to my web site on my observation from towing my travel trailer over 3000 miles with my new Ram 6.4L gasser. I monitored 13 tanks of fuel using various octanes and transmission setting to try and get an idea of what returns the best MPG. Hope you find it...
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    2018 RAM 2500 Farkle Projects

    My plans are to just run the wheels off it traveling America. Leaving for a Cowboy Shoot in Kentucky and then up to Oshkosh WI for the EAA Air Adventure week tomorrow. September will find me playing cowboy in Texas and then January, February and March in New Mexico and Arizona. There is a...
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    2018 RAM 2500 Farkle Projects

    Here is an article I wrote to my web page on all the farkles (accessories) I added to my new RAM 2500 Fold down rear floor exterior additions E- Track in bed GPS Install bracket more.... Hope you enjoy it!
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    Internet signal amplifier

    TechnoRV........Can't beat it for the price and amazing technical support.
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    Time For A New Truck!

    Well, 250 miles so far and loving it. Hand calculated mileage is 17.5mpg. 70 miles highway. The remainder around town. But of course I'm babying it for the first few hundred miles. Once I show it who's boss, I'm sure this will go down.....
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    Time For A New Truck!

    Plans for this truck are very mild. Towing a 6k pound toy hauler back and forth to New Mexico/ Arizona from Boston area every year. A few 200 miles trips here in New England. I have other cars for daily driver. My 12 year old 2006 had near 200k. That works out to about 16k miles a year. At such...
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    Time For A New Truck!

    Interesting! My fender flares came it today and I installed them tonight. Now my truck looks exactly like yours!
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    Time For A New Truck!

    Traded in my 2006 Dodge RAM 2500 5.9 diesel with 196,790 miles for a brandie new 2018 RAM 2500 with 6.4L gasser and 12 miles! Only have 83 miles on it so far. Will be leaving on a long trip as soon as it has had 500 break in miles and I can start towing. Massachusetts to Oshkosh, WI. Will be...
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    2006 Dodge Ram 2500 4X4 Diesel (Boston Area)

    Body and chassis is in great shape. Couple stone chips and very little rust on leading bottom edge of the bed. The tailgate has the start of some rust at the bottom edge. Must be seen to be appreciated.
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    2006 Dodge Ram 2500 4X4 Diesel (Boston Area)

    Final lower price before it gets traded at dealer. Fly in, drive it home anywhere! $19,999
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    2006 Dodge Ram 2500 4X4 Diesel (Boston Area)

    2006 Dodge RAM 2500 / 5.9 Diesel / 4X4 For Sale in Boston Area Extensive upgrades Jan 2017 performed by "Auto Werks Diesel" in New Jersey less than 25,000 miles ago...Total cost over $20,000 (Invoice on request) BD Diesel Built Tow/Haul Transmission BD Diesel Remote Transmission Filter BD...
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    Olympian WAVE 6 Catalytic Heater ...A review

    Yes, I have a small Buddy Heater I use in my hunting blind.....It uses a lot of propane for very little heat. The WAVE unit is MUCH more efficient it seems.
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    Olympian WAVE 6 Catalytic Heater ...A review

    Here is an article I posted a week or so ago when I decided to buy a Olympian WAVE 6 catalytic heater. Now that I've been using it for over a week in near freezing weather out here in the Arizona desert I have some...