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    Discovery 3 tdv6 build

    Been reading other build threads on LR3's so thought i would make up my own about the changes and mods of my own, plus the plans for the future for it. Brief history. I've wanted a Land Rover for years, my first meet with one was in 94 when i was on a family holiday, in the car park was a new...
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    Would you ship it?

    Kicking about an idea and wondering what others would do. I've booked to take a career break out from work and life really, I'm heading to Australia for 1 year and will likely try to extend it to 2 years. I'm 28 so the working visa age bracket is beginning to draw to a close and it's coming...
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    LR3 Underbody protection. i've bagged a bargain.

    Recently, i was shown a thread on a uk site of a guy stripping a lot of off road parts from his newly bought D4. The car in question was a Prospeed equipped car, the previous owner had bought everything on the catalog. 18 inch wheel package, rock and tree sliders, roof rack with flooring, and...
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    Swing away carrier for LR3/4

    Looking to add to the car with a swing away carrier. However, it seems that unlike the Defender models, most parts for 3/4 models are a fortune and all the bits are in a cartel style price with each other. Front runner is £1025. Nakatanenga is £845. This is a dual model, it's made from stainless...
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    Black LR4 in Moab, anyone off here?

    Got linked this from another Landy site. Looks rather impressive and i can see Compomotive PD wheels on it. It's a rather nice video. Anyone off here?
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    Modern Rover's and overlanding.

    Got a few overland books for Christmas that were land Rover related, first overland and the impossible takes a little longer, so went looking for another one and found "Overland Handbook" it has a few of the Admin/writer's in it and it's got me thinking. The book says that the D3/4 etc platform...
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    LR3/4 roof light wiring info

    A few months ago, i posted asking for roof light info, what would be best for my LR3. I got a superb response from people commenting on the pro's and con's of spots vs light bars and what worked, what sizes were good and what to avoid. I have recently bought, a 50 inch 288w curved LED light bar...
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    Tyre presssures over rocks??

    Going to throw this one out there to get some info/real world examples as plenty of you US based people get the chance to do serious rock crawlling. I was taking my D3 (LR3 to others ) around some lanes on Monday and Tuesday with Defender driving mates. One lane we did is very rocky and even...
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    Lr3 expo roof rack fixings

    Long shot here with this. I have found a expo roof rack that's in great condition, no holes have been drilled etc. It's under 100 miles each way to collect so not terrible for distance. It however, comes with 0 of the fixings to the roof, none of them. Trying to find fixings is turning up...
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    Off road lights, what do you have/use?

    As title really. Later this year in November, i have a weekend off road competition i shall be entering in my D3. I entered it last year and despite my mate Kevin and i being totally new to it, both with limited off road experience, we placed 23rd out of 67 and 19th in our class. Which was a...
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    Johnson rods, good or bad?

    I asked on the "Show us your lr3/lr4 thread" back in February about Johnson rods. Lr's being Lr's however, wanted a cash sacrifice to the Gods of reliability so blew that idea out the water for a bit. Now, back to thinking about getting these rods for off roading, thanks to work, my mileage...
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    LR3 Sliders info

    I bought a set of terrafirma rock and tree silders for my D3 recently. Fitted them last week and have noticed a few things on them that i'm not overly happy with. The front holes to bolt to the underside of the car don't line up properly. The sliders go the full length of the car, but under...
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    What 19 inch tyre?

    Looking for new options for my D3 for off road tyres. Currently have Duratracs fitted, which are a fantastic tyre for my use but I've had them on a year and they are down to 7mm after 15k of driving. I intend to remove them at 3mm so will get to may or June before they are ready for the bin. I...
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    D3/LR3 and RRS tips, and what to look for/check.

    Having been on here for a while and seeing the love for modern LR products. I thought i would give a write up on my experiences and readings from looking, buying and running my own D3. Will break it down into a rough buyers guide, then onto maintenance as your truck puts on the miles and then...
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    LR3 advice needed. Transfer box issues

    Right guys and girls. Hoping you can help shed some light on a issue a friends D3 is having. 3 weeks ago, he damaged the seals of the transfer box after grounding out on some rocks, caused by a compressor overheat and deflate. Now, he bought new genuine LR seals and the "Special oils" ( name...
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    LR3 underbody protection

    A mate has been given the drawings and dimensions to full under body protections and rock sliders for the LR3. Now, with both of using our car's as Land Rover intended, and him already having suffered transfer box damage after his air suspension lowered after overheating, landing on a rock and...