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    Retirement truck

    My retirement is years and years and years away. But I was daydreaming today about what I would get. I've debated about truck vs suv vs van many times in my head. Pros and Cons for each. The terrain I would tackle: Think Canyonlands/Maze district, Four corners, venture into some remote...
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    Dual sport suggestions

    Looking at getting a dual sport bike. Haven't had one for years. I'm not looking for one of those bigger machines. Something light, manuverable to take on mostly day trips, maybe occasional overnighters. What I'm looking for: * Smaller size for manuverability, transport, etc. * Street legal...
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    Kevin and his Tundra

    Exactly how I use my Tacoma. Except the ranching part. Cool to see him using the truck as it was meant to be. But I’m sure he’s got several other trucks in his garages.
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    Steel rims

    I may sell off my stock 16" wheels on my Tacoma and go to 17". Probably won't happen after the winter season, but just doing some research. I'd like to go steel and around 4.5" backspacing. 17" rims, and will go 255/75/17 BFG KO2's. Only results coming up are a couple of Procomps. Any...
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    Forester vs Crosstrek

    Any reason why one would consider the Crosstrek vs the Forester? Forester is a little more expensive, but take that out of the equation (I think it's $2k or so). Both are available with CVT or 6-sp. Similar size, but obviously, the Forester is bigger. MPG is the same. Other than personal...
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    2019 Subaru Forester - Who's interested?

    I like the update. Bigger rear opening, more power from the N/A engine, cargo capacity, better X-Mode system, Eyesight standard, etc. Seems like it would make a great lite-offroad rig.
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    CUV / Crossover with 4Lo

    What CUV or crossovers are out there with lo range? Preferably ones in the last 10 years or so. Ones I can think of: Jeep Renegade/Liberty/(new)Cherokee Suzuki Grand Vitara Any others I’m missing?
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    Tacoma trailer brake controller

    Looking for a brake controller for a 3rd gen Tacoma. I was hoping to find one that doesn't look out of place, or juts out of the dash awkwardly. Tekonsha units seems to have good reviews, so that may be what I go with. I just wish there was a more sleek looking solution available. Tacoma...
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    Tacoma: Awning install without a shell?

    Tacoma (or Tundra) owners, I am looking for a solution to install an awning (most likely an ARB) on my truck which isn't equipped with a shell. (Gave up looking for an old Flippac). I would only use this on a few annual campouts. I don't use, need, or want an RTT, so it would only be for the...
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    Tacoma: 2nd Gen Flippac on 3rd Gen?

    Anyone know if a Flippac from a 2nd Gen will fit a 3rd? I have doubts, since a regular shell has fitment issues. But I am hoping I can make it fit. I've looked at the AT Habitat's, but prices are crazy high and I don't like that it opens "backwards" and not over the cab, like the Flippac. I...
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    How many here completely trust their LC 80's?

    A pretty clean LX came up for sale. I wasn't really looking, but decent price and under 200k miles. I don't know if I am going to pursue it, but just out of curiosity, those of you with an 80-series---how confident are you in your vehicles to go on a multi-day trip, deep in the backcountry? I...
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    Duluth Fire Bucket Seat Covers

    Anyone have these? I like that they look like they’re easy on/off for washing. I certainly like the price as well. I’m sure they’ll wear well, being heavy canvas. My only concern is will they stay put...
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    Anyone with a Ram1500 with the Pentastar 3.6?

    Curious if any of you are driving a 3.6 V6 in a Ram 1500. How has your experience been? Is it adequate for your needs? How does it tow? How does it off-road? And what's your MPG? Thanks.
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    Subaru Forester: Towing --- CVT or 6-sp?

    Looking at replacing my Tacoma with a Forester 2.5i. I had a 4th Gen Outback for a number of years and it performed well. Looking forward to getting back into a wagon again. | I'm looking at towing a small utility trailer. It will typically weigh around 500 - 1,500 lbs. (typical load will be...
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    2007 Tundra transfer case actuator

    Looks like the actuator on the transfer case has died. Confirmed by Toyota techs last week. But they wanted $1,500 to replace. I think it looks like a pretty simple job. I have access to a lift and all sorts of tools. The part itself is $900 or so. Just wondering if anyone has a better...
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    Looking for an expedition TRUCK

    Well, sold off my last truck about 2 years ago. Thought our Subaru could be a do-it-all vehicle, but turns out not to be the case. Here are my basic needs: - Truck bed is a must. Too many home projects. (We don't want a trailer). - Enough capability for mild trails (no crazy rock...
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    Kokopelli Trail

    Any of you yahoos done this trail? I'm thinking of bikepacking this (next year). Water is a big concern. Any tips would be appreciated. Probably will do it in 2-3 days time.
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    3rd Gen 4Runner 4 cyl 5-sp RRDIFF!

    Found this 99 4Runner, 5-sp, 4-cyl AND has a rear locker!! No affiliation with the seller. Wish I hadn't just bought my truck. I'd snatch this up in a heart beat.
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    I have a fixed gear road bike, which I love to ride (both on-road and on very mild single track with Kenda Kross Supremes). I'd like to build up a fixed mountain bike. I just bought a Redline Monocog Flight 29er frame and have gathered all of the parts. Except for the fixed bits. I am most...
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    Roof rack bike carrier

    I broke down and bought a Yakima roof rack for my commuter sedan, as I sometimes try to get a ride in before or after work. Looks like there are a few different choices for bike carriers. There are some that allow you to leave the front wheel on and others, you take the front wheel off. I'm...