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  1. Javelinadave

    SOLD Scepter Fuel Cans and Nozzle (Scottsdale AZ)

    SOLD Thanks ExPo! I have two lightly used (diesel) Scepter cans and one nozzle $60 per can $25 for the nozzle Buy them all for $120 If this ad is up they are still available No shipping. FTF only! Payment via PayPal
  2. Javelinadave

    For Sale Diesel Sedimenter/VDO Boost Gauge/Tuffy Cup Holders

    I will update this as things sell Payment via PayPal First up is a NEW, never been used, all metal diesel fuel sedimenter. $70 shipped CONUS Next up is a new in box VDO boost gauge $50 shipped CONUS Last up are two Tuffy cup holders and an install kit for a Defender and who knows what...
  3. Javelinadave

    SOLD Howling Moon Trash Bin (Their version of a Trasharoo)

    SOLD Thanks ExPo! New in the package $60 shipped CONUS only Payment via PayPal
  4. Javelinadave

    SOLD Frontrunner 60liter /15.9 Gallon Water Tank $60 (Scottsdale AZ)

    Thanks ExPo! I am reconfiguring my truck and this is now surplus to me. New, Frontrunner charges $196 Pick it up in North Scottsdale (Phoenix) $60 cash I'm not interested in shipping it unless you send me a label and I can wrap it in bubble wrap. Shipping damage is your risk, not mine...
  5. Javelinadave

    12 volt slow cooker

    This look interesting if you have the space.
  6. Javelinadave

    WTB Large RTT in Flagstaff, AZ

    I'm 2 hours south
  7. Javelinadave

    18's on range rover sport

    Anybody successfully use 19” wheels on a non-supercharged 2013 Sport? If so, wha are the biggest tires I can use with 2” lifting rods. I want more sidewall but don’t want to use spacers.
  8. Javelinadave

    Partner Stove Mod

    When I talked to Partner they said they use the green ones on some of their products so I ordered the 200,000 BTU model.
  9. Javelinadave

    Partner Stove Mod

    After repeated threading, unthreading and rethreading the POL fitting from my Partner Stove hose started to wear out. It became harder and harder to attach. I bought this ACME fitting from Amazon and now things go together much easier. Amazon Link A 2 minute, $10 mod that is priceless in my book.
  10. Javelinadave

    Driving LR3 in North central Mexico???

    This: Also you never know what you are going to get out of the gas pumps. I would bring a full 5 gallon can of gas from home and a spare fuel filter or two.
  11. Javelinadave


    I'll take the fridge pending a meet up.
  12. Javelinadave

    Softside Cooler For Ice

    Thank you for the sanity check. This is the direction I will go.
  13. Javelinadave

    Softside Cooler For Ice

    I'm running an ARB fridge in my truck and want to also have ice on hand. Thoughts on using a Yeti soft side cooler instead of a hard side one?
  14. Javelinadave

    WTB: Roof Top Tent Cover

    Any boat upholstery or awning company can sew you one up.
  15. Javelinadave

    AUS to USA

    Damn! Check out the Perenties they have on their site. I too am curious if anybody has any experience with them.
  16. Javelinadave

    SOLD 2m Hannibal Awning With Enclosure

    What size are they and do you have any pictures?
  17. Javelinadave

    4 scepter gas cans

    Sent you a PM