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  1. echo7tango

    Wheels for my WK2 Grand Cherokee: Rock Stars?

    I have the Jeep 20” wheels that came stock. I want strong wheels, strong for off-roading, but nice looking on the street. I’m considering Rock Stars — I’ve noticed them on the street and I like the star design on them, I like the way they look. Are they decently strong for trail use? For...
  2. echo7tango

    Bodie Ghost Town & Mono Lake (Sierra Nevada Mtns of California)

    Back in August my wife and I spent a day exploring Bodie Ghost Town and Mono Lake up in the high desert of the Sierras. It was interesting exploring the north, east and south sides of Mono Lake (the dirt sides; US-395 runs on the west side), and that was after walking around Bodie which is an...
  3. echo7tango

    2001 Honda CR-V EX 4WD, 5-speed MT: $5,150 / best offer (Sunnyvale, CA)

    2001 Honda CR-V EX 4WD, 5-speed MT: $5,150 / best offer (Sunnyvale, CA) Pictures here: Original-owner car with many extras. This car is expedition-ready, off-road ready, and ready to drive from San Francisco to Key West, Florida right now. This is a 4WD CR-V, not a 2WD...
  4. echo7tango

    Expo Trailers: Where to View, and Manufacturers List or Locations?

    Hi, I'm a newbie and am working my way through the Post favorite pics of your rig and trailer thread. I'm currently stopped at post #601 of the 1,500 posts there and will continue later. In the end I will view every available picture in that thread. You guys have some very nice trailers! So, a...