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  1. ex m38a1er

    Any info on this hard top?

    Anyone has any info on this YJ? Looks like a custom hard top...
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    A friend from this forum has found this... Thought we should share...
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    Cut off switch for my winch?

    Well, I 'm installing my superwinch on my TJ and was wondering if a cut off switch is important on the red wire between the bat and the winch. What do you think?
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    Wild Boar
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    Thought we should share

    Camper pottentials?
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    Hello all. I tryed the same "q" in Toyota section... Was there any Nissan axle that came stock with 4.56 gears and even better with a locker? I'm looking for an axle that can handle 35's locked. Thanks in advance
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    Hello everyone! Escaped from the Jeep section to take advandage of your knowledge. I want to replace my rear dana 35 with something stronger. Thought of your Toyotas... I will be welding the brakets and therefore i'd like to avoid the extra work and expence of regearing. So ,i've heard of 96...
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    It's not a Land Rover...

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    A friend of mine has a 96 Mitsu L200 diesel truck that he wants to lift 2 maybe 3". How can this be done and with what size of tire? Thank you!
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    What kind of battery

    I bough my first winch,so it's time to upgrade my battery winch needs min 650CCA in order to pull haevy loads. My original idea was to install a second battery for winching and feed power my tent trailer for my weekend trips.A small fridge 12V a couple of 12V bulbs and maybe an...
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    What to use?

    I'm puting a tent ontop of my trailer. The tent uses some struts(?)as a sceleton in order to keep it from collapsing. I'd like to use something else in place of these struts so i can open and close it easier. I thought something like a tubular rope i could pump it with my air compressor tap it...
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    Elactric brakes

    Hello all.. i'm using an axle with drum brakes to built my trailer With my tow rig being a TJ i'd like to have electric brakes for the trailer. How can this be done?
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    Rear seat trunk

    All right!Hello all!!! Twenty days ago my son (just born) arrived, so i'm having two kids now(with my daughter 3.5yrs old). So far ,so good if it wasn't for my Tj(being my only car with NO intention of replacing it)and it's limited storage. Trying to find out a way to make more room for storage...
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    What about this one?
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    G wagen rear axle on my Wrangler tj

    Hi fellow wheelers... Just thinking out loud My rear dana35 in notoriusly weak.Cannot be locked and loaded 33". I can have a rear axle out of a GD240 coming out of service for the Greek army(real cheap). Durability and locker in the same time. Two problems: #1.Lug pattern.Are there any...
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    Odyssey jeep trailer

    Hello all.New here and after watching this forum for a couple of years i decided that it was time for me to join. I think i have some time now ,and i'm gonna start building my trailer.:wings: I need it to carry firewoods etc and since my DD tj jeep has no room for this something has to be done...