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    FS: Runaway off road camping trailer SOLD

    Would you consider selling the awning and room separately?
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    Northern NM: Venturcraft Trailblazer Tent Camper for Sale

    Picked up the new trailer so it's time to let this one go. New price: $2,000. Compare this to trailers with a roof top tent for sale on expo. This thing will go anywhere, is very tough, and is much more functional than a RTT trailer. It's also way cheaper.
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    Northern NM: Venturcraft Trailblazer Tent Camper for Sale

    Moving to a hard sided trailer and backpacking tent so I am selling my very rare Venturcraft Trailblazer tent trailer. $2,000 located in Los Alamos, NM. Clean and clear NM title. As is, where is, cash only. Weighs about 500lbs Fiberglass tub, canvas tent, vinyl roof, steel frame and fenders...
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    GX470 Suspension Recommendation

    Any thought on the Ironman pro foam cell?
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    GX470 Suspension Recommendation

    Thanks for the info. I'm on GXOR but find the FB format hard to weed through compared to a forum. I plan on staying with the 265/70. I don;t need anything bigger for what I like to do and I want to run the factory spare location.
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    GX470 Suspension Recommendation

    Looking for suspension recommendations for my 2006 GX470 (currently 123k miles, stock suspension, 265/70r17 c load bfgs) Uses/Planned Mods: 1. Non daily driver 2. Long road trips with crap dirt roads/tracks thrown in. Very minimal crawling. 3. Tow an extremely light trailer (500lbs) 4. 3rd row...
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    Selling my 01 Montero Sport 3.5XS

    Thanks. Sad to see this one go.
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    Selling my 01 Montero Sport 3.5XS

    Just an FYI:
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    SOLD: North NM: 2001 Montero Sport 3.5XS, 153k, $5,000

    Here's a great budget overland rig. Only selling because I picked up a GX470 and will be transitioning to that platform. Pictures here : Selling my 2001 Mitsubishi Montero Sport 3.5XS 4wd automatic with 153,000...
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    Reliability of 2001-2003 Montero sport

    Fyi I will be selling my 01 Sport 3.5x8 shortly and all the gremlins have been addressed.
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    Clutch’s deep thoughts thread...

    My 13' Fiat 500 Turbo (formally my wife's) has been completely reliable.
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    mods you wouldnt do again ...

    larger than stock tires.... I picked up a 1989 Toyota Pickup with the 3vze and auto supposedly the slowest things around. It sits on stock size General Grabber At2s and just pulled 21mpg on the highway while carying 300lbs of elk and towing a 500lb trailer..... Could actually accelerate up...
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    SOLD '89 Toyota Truck, 148,100 Miles, DLX, Xtra Cab, 4WD, 3.0L, Auto Trans

    Heavypop. I'll likely be picking this one up shortly.
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    IFS blowout sale!

    Ah. I'm looking for a complete assembly so I can just swap it quickly.
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    IFS blowout sale!

    Missing the gears?
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    IFS blowout sale!

    Toasty do you have a lsd rear carrier for a 2000+ 3.5L Sport? I am looking to drop my non lad one out of my 2001 3.5xs and drop in ome with the lsd.