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    High powered lasers used to recharge via photovoltaic cells

    My buddy is head of the Office of Naval Research. He posted this article on his Facebook page. If nothing else, those pesky, to some, drones could fly forever! :Wow1:
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    When the wife sees why we buy stuff that may or may not be used!

    When a package arrives with some new gadget for our rig, my wife usually has a comment. It's usually something like so why do we need this and how much did it cost? She had a flat tire last week so I pulled out my ARB tire kit and ViAir pump and fixed it right up. She said I can see where...
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    Question: Desert over Christmas/New Years, what recovery gear do you want?

    Looking for suggestions on what you'd take along, (1) if you could get it all; (2) what would you take as a minimum? We're heading south over Christmas and New Years most probably around the Chocolate Mountains. The Houser Geode Beds will be our first stop for few days. From there we might...