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  1. xwerx

    73 blazer with château camper

    Cool project for someone.
  2. xwerx

    Transporting non-refrigerated food in the heat

    We are planning to keep our non-refrigerated food in a large plastic bin in the back of the pick-up truck with tarp over the top of the bed. We are driving for two straight days in about 95 degree temps. Do you think the food will be OK or should we consider keeping it inside with us? The...
  3. xwerx

    Wildernest on CL $500

    No affiliation.
  4. xwerx

    FWC on craiglist DFW $800!

    I found this. No affiliation. Good deal for someone!
  5. xwerx

    Cooper Discoverer A/T3

    I am looking for new tires and was curious if anyone is running these tires? I noticed that the HEMA 200 series Land Cruiser is using the Cooper Discoverer A/T3. Maybe Scott Brady could chime in with his opinion on these tires since he spent time with the HEMA 200 series. Looking at going...
  6. xwerx

    Full size Arctic Truck Could not figure out how to embed...
  7. xwerx

    Taking the Full Time 4wd feature off 80 series

    Has anyone thought of doing this? Is it possible? Would it mess with traction control systems, etc.? I was thinking of maybe installing a AtlasII or something.. Just a thought, might help improve mpg.. Daniel
  8. xwerx

    1966-1977 Bronco

    Does anyone out there use 1966-1977 era broncos as their adventure rig? Seems like this era could be a great platform. If so could you post some pics.. Daniel
  9. xwerx

    Lets see some full size pictures...

    I have been lurking for a while now and thought it was time to introduce myself. This is my rig, loaded with gear for 11 days of fun in the San Juans. Airing out, as much as you can stock. On Cinnamon Pass. The truck is basically stock for now. I have big plans for it starting in the new...