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    Northern NM: Venturcraft Trailblazer Tent Camper for Sale

    Moving to a hard sided trailer and backpacking tent so I am selling my very rare Venturcraft Trailblazer tent trailer. $2,000 located in Los Alamos, NM. Clean and clear NM title. As is, where is, cash only. Weighs about 500lbs Fiberglass tub, canvas tent, vinyl roof, steel frame and fenders...
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    GX470 Suspension Recommendation

    Looking for suspension recommendations for my 2006 GX470 (currently 123k miles, stock suspension, 265/70r17 c load bfgs) Uses/Planned Mods: 1. Non daily driver 2. Long road trips with crap dirt roads/tracks thrown in. Very minimal crawling. 3. Tow an extremely light trailer (500lbs) 4. 3rd row...
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    Selling my 01 Montero Sport 3.5XS

    Just an FYI:
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    SOLD: North NM: 2001 Montero Sport 3.5XS, 153k, $5,000

    Here's a great budget overland rig. Only selling because I picked up a GX470 and will be transitioning to that platform. Pictures here : Selling my 2001 Mitsubishi Montero Sport 3.5XS 4wd automatic with 153,000...
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    Wanted: White ball t-case shifter

    Need a white ball shifter for my Sport. Price shipped to 87544. PayPal preferred. Thanks!
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    2001 Montero Sport 3.5XS stuck in 4hi

    Hello all, I have an urgent issue that suddenly arose this evening on my 2001 Montero Sport 3.5xs with the standard 2hi, 4hi, 4lo t-case. I bypassed the vacuum solenoid to engage the front diff years ago and installed manual hubs with a toggle switch to make the computer happy and locked the...
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    Anyone North of Seattle to look at 2000 Monty?

    Anyone willing to take a look at a 2000 Monty north of Seattle for me?
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    Montero Sport Russian Bumpers

    I was originally looking for a window dam...which led to a russian forum....which led to this bumper company. Yay interwebs! Look pretty good for around $400 USD. Wonder if it's possible to get them to the US....
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    AC Compressor Bearing

    Is it possible to just replace the bearings in a 6G74 AC compressor? Mine is starting to make some noise. Compressor works just fine it just seems that the front bearing is starting to be a bit worn out.
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    REI 20% works on RTT

    Just an FYI the 20% coupon with free shipping to store is working currently for Roof Top Tents......
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    Yakima Skyrise vs Tepui Ayer vs Front Runner Featherlite

    Any thoughts on these 3 RTTs? Thinking about trailer mounting one, the two person seems plenty larger for my wife and I and I prefer as compact and light as possible. I was able to check out the Yakima in person and it seems pretty well built and breathable.
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    Aftermarket Seats in a Montero Sport

    Has anyone seen any aftermarket or oem seats swapped into a Montero Sport or Challenger? One issue I have with my Sport is that the seats don't exactly hold you in at all and the lumbar support doesn't hit me quite right. I've considered swapping in MK2 Supra Seats, recaros, corbeaus, or...
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    Thoughts on Selling my Sport

    Looking for some thoughts/advice. Randomly put my 01 Sport up for sale on CL for $5000 to see if I got any bites. I now have several serious buyers at full price..... -Quick basics: 01 3.5XS Consistent 18-22mpg 2 owner Very clean inside and out No rust 141,000 miles 265/75r16s Manual Aisin...
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    Big Agnes Flying Diamond 6 - 6 Person 4 season Tent

    Selling our Big Agnes Flying Diamond 6 Tent. Excellent Condition, recently treated with Nixwax (preventatively), no repairs or issues. Specs...
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    Front Runner Featherlite

    Anyone have one? Mostly curious how comfortable (for a couple) and robust it is.
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    Sleeping Pad on Kickstarter pretty good idea.
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    Common 2nd gen taco 2.7 issues? Air injection?

    Still thinking about getting a regular cab 4x4 taco 2nd gen and ran across people having lots of secondary air injection common is this problem? Does it effect all years? What is the fix? While I am at it what other common issues should I be aware of? Thanks!
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    Bleeding power steering tips?

    So I did the timing belt, water pump etc and also pulled apart the power steering pump in order to replace some leaking seals. Lost a lot of ps fluid in the process which was fine because it needed changed. Followed the fsm exactly but can't get the system to bleed. Seems like a continual supply...
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    RC 4x4 2nd Gen Experiences (power, auto vs manual, mpg etc.)

    I've been contemplating getting a truck for quite some time now and have looked at driven several 2nd gen Tacomas but am a bit concerned about power on the 2.7L (haven't driven them on any steep hills). My first vehicle was a 1993 Toyota Pickup 22re with a 5 speed (drove from age 11 to 24...lots...
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    Other things to do on 6g74 01 Sport 138k miles?

    Any other recommended items while the front covers/accessories are off? 1st timing belt was done at 80k and only the T-belt was replaced (at Mitsu dealer). Here's everything I'm up to: Ultrasonic cleaning all bolts as they come off, degreasing any other parts Timing cover gaskets for Right and...