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  1. gnel

    Feedback on Rigid 20641 back up lights............... Results update.

    Anybody body have them? Reviews?
  2. gnel

    Barrancas del Cobre/CopperCanyon part3

    Woke up to a cloudy morning on tues. departure day. Made coffee and got on the road by 7 am. We took the paved (sort of) road to Guachochi where we took the right turn towards Parral. Creel bound people would be bearing left. The road was reduced to 1 lane for much of the drive up and out of the...
  3. gnel

    Barrancas del Cobre/Copper Canyon part2

    We pulled into Batopilas late Sunday afternoon. We allowed all day Monday to see some of the sites. The old hacienda on the other side of the river. Centro Batopilas The Mission Satevo. The river. Great food at the hotel Mary. In case you don´t read spanish. haha Leaving the next morning...
  4. gnel

    Barrancas de Cobre/Copper Canyon trip

    I have wanted to drive to the bottom of the CC for years and finally did it end of March 2018. I live in Colima Mex. so I wanted to do a no back tracking route. We started from Colima went Northwest thru Tepic, Mazatlan, Culiacan ,Los Mochis and on to El Fuerte Sinaloa. From el Fuerte we did the...