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    Should I buy this K20?

    Looking for a weekend camper/mild trail rig. Found a 1970 K20 sm465 trans, stepside. Owner swapped a 454 out of a 90s suburban into it. Transmission pops out under power in 3rd gear only at like 3500rpm. Owner is interested in trading for my 2006 Ducati Monster S2R1000. How hard is solving the...
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    1967 IH Travelall, 7.3 Powerstroke, 35"s I wish
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    Classic SUVs?

    So I just bought a 1987 F150 4x4 5.0 V8, 4x4, 5spd, long bed with some unknown lift on it. Unfortunately I'll soon be departing Virginia as the USMC dictates. My little $750 farm truck was only meant to get us through the last 3 months of this schoolhouse to avoid the $1200 shipping fee for...
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    Cool Van I found at my University

    My University does outreach missions in Mexico and has a fleet of old 4wd trucks/vans and happened to park next to this one today.
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    So of USA available at a reasonable price SUVs for over landing we have the excursion, burb, Tahoe, explorer, land cruiser, 4Runner. What's our D110? I love the excursion but it surrenders so much off road capability to the d110. Love the others but no diesel available. What family sized or...
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    Best for $10,000?

    Best expo vehicle with 4 doors, 4wd, for a $10,000 budget? Curious to see a compilation of these
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    Opinion on this t4r? I'm in CA and its in NJ but I'd gladly make the trip for this price. Any opinions on this?
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    4Runner newbie

    Hey all, so in my quest to figure out which 4x4 to be my first, I've decided on a v8 4th 4Runner. With a soon to be wife and baby on the way, this truck ticked all the boxes for me. I want to keep my budget as close to $10k as possible, with $15k as my max. What should I be looking for? Known...
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    Daily Driver, Family, Expo all in one?

    Hi all, been looking for an expo rig that can fit my wife, baby, and I. Only stipulation is that it's 4 doors and as modern as possible. Budget is about $10,000. As close to 20mpg as possible preferred...haha been looking at 4Runners, Landcruisers, and some pickups but can't find the "one" yet...
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    Help me make sure I'm not forgetting a hidden gem

    As the time to trade in the Mustang gets closer and closer, I want to make sure I make the right choice. Criteria are (ideally but negotiable) 20ish mpg, 4wd, solid axles (preferably), decent cargo capacity (possibly working with uncle-in-law's construction company), 4 doors, daily driver...
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    5.9 cummins high mileage? Don't have my money together yet for this but figured maybe somebody here would like this. Is a rig beat up like this worth that price?
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    Utility bed?

    So what's up with the bed of this truck? Looks badass and functional/lighter weight. What kind of applications would something like this be used for?
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    Need advice on a truck from Craigslist What's the deal on this thing? Looks pretty fun but I'm getting some sketchy vibes from it. For $7k though it's hard to expect too much.
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    Purchase help

    So I'm in the market for a Dodge 2500 with the 5.9 Cummins. Love the power/mpg/reliability/tune-ability of it. Tow every once in a while. Want a rig to roll out into the wilderness and camp with my wife but daily drive/haul construction materials with. Budget is 15,000-20,000. Before I really...
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    Dodge Interior

    Looking at a 3rd generation 2500 but the interior isn't up to the levels of the Ford trucks I'm looking at. Is there any common way of improving the Dodge interior or is it just something to live with.
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    Dodge 2500 orrr?

    Hey all, Pretty set on a Dodge 2500, 5.9 cummins, 6 speed. Want something my girlfriend and I can drive out somewhere and sleep in the bed to get away from the city. I'd like something I can daily drive as well. Don't really foresee much towing. I haul a decent amount of mountain bikes and...