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  1. 19psi

    Gambled on "import" LED light bar

    Mostly because i like trying to find better deals, so I got this 7" bar for $89 shipped. LED lightbar for reverse lights: And here are the night pics! HOly crap this thing is awesome.
  2. 19psi

    My newest purchase... big *** bumper!

    PIcked it up from Hard Notched Customs in Vancouver WA. this thing is awesome! hopefully this weekend i can get my winch installed along with the 9" HID lights I have for it.
  3. 19psi

    99 Dodge Ram Diesel 4x4, 5 speed, Lots of upgrades

    Possibly looking at an excursion if I can sell this for a decent price. 5 speed, 4x4, extended cab long bed. 359 cubic inch I6 turbo diesel. Good interior, good exterior, no rust. some dings and paint scrapage on the bed; it was used as a truck. MODS: bhaf airdog lift pump with fuel filter and...
  4. 19psi

    Rare Mitsubish Montero SR

    Very rare 95 Montero SR, 3.5 V6, 184k miles, engine rebuilt 5 years ago, brand new rear brake pads and rotors, cooling system and trans service done today, leather interior, factory 31" tires!, 4x4 obviously. this thing runs and shifts great, absolutely no noise out of the engine, smooth and...
  5. 19psi

    my new lighting!

    it's not done yet; i still have floodlights to the sides and rear to wire up.
  6. 19psi

    how much is this worth?

    82 GWagen, but with a blown 280 gas engine. \ body is straight, rust free. tires are 235 85 16 super swamper trxus m/t in 85% shape. 4 speed manual, factory winch, all in all a good looking and solid vehicle. I dont know much about G wagens, and don't want to pay too much for it since i'll have...