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    What's the thoughts 2001 Ford Excursion 4x4 Limited with a whipple supercharger

    Buy to me...we motor swap with my stock V10...and walla you've got a great truck!:wings:
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    Expedition Overland - 2015 Season

    Expedition Overland is why I'm here! If I can just get out of the damn driveway.
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    Lets see some full size pictures...

    Love the truck! Question on your rear bumper, why did you op to slope down toward the axle instead of wrapping straight around? I'm interested in building a similar bumper for the excursion.
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    Spring Lift on v10 Excursion

    I'm running 285/75 16 KM2's and I rub under full turn and flex, but not enough for daily driving. I'm too looking to move up to 35's or 37's but I'm thinking I'll do some cut-out flares instead of lift to keep the truck as low as possible.
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    FS: Ford Excursion roof rack - Custom built - Southern Maine/NH

    I'm planning to be up your way in October. I'm very interested if you still have it by then. If you think that's something we can work out let me know.
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    Project "Autonomous" F-350

    I've got a couple thousand miles on my Centramatics now and am impressed. I put them on at the same time as a set of BFG KM2s and anything below 60 mph is smooth as silk. I've got some vibrations above 60 or so, but may not be related to the balancers. I'm investigating those issues now.
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    Arizona to Florida part I

    Great trip really enjoyed reading and pictures.
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    Courthouse Mountain

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    New wheel pictures

    Great looking van.
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    Project "Autonomous" F-350

    I just recieved my wheel balancers in the mail today. Did you paint yours?
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    UAV-TT (off-road tent trailer) build

    Very nice. Now I've just got to talk the wife into letting me do this with ours. How tongue heavy? You might want to tow with it before installing the water tanks.
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    Ford Fullsize Thread !!!!

    That's definitely the coolest truck I've seen. Excellent build! I wonder if I can do this to my excursion. :)
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    MT's vs Duratracs...WOW

    I'd prolly call them a mild m/t. I ran the duratracs till I changed vehicles. The only issue I had was cleaning them out. Seemed I had to spin pretty fast to get a good clean-out. Best tire I've ever owned and I'll prolly be buying them again for the Excursion.
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    Bridging a gap?

    Do you have a build thread on this trailer?
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    flatlander offroad project

    Nice find! I'm always looking to find something like that but not been so lucky.
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    First of many (I hope)...

    Great trip
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    How to make the roof top canvas bag hold its shape?

    I think you'll need something fairly strong. What about 2" foam board? You could cut it into strips and build a perimeter box to put inside the bag. I just picked up a bag myself. Might have to try this.
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    Cleaning out the basement - New stuff, New Prices

    Pm sent on roof top bag.
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    Tactical Ladder Entertainment

    Nice ladder. Not sure what the tactical purpose would be...
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    1999 Jeep Wrangler 2.2L Kubota diesel swap

    Wow...always amazed at people's abilities. Excellent execution of your idea.