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  1. DeskToGlory

    1993 Mitsubishi Delica - Desk to Delica???

    We just picked up a little 1993 Mitsubishi Delica and have started a build over in the Mitsu section here: Since it's a 4x4 van that will be converted into a camper I thought I'd pop over here and...
  2. DeskToGlory

    1993 Mitsubishi Delica - Desk To Glory

    So it looks like we accidentally bought a 1993 Mitsubishi Delica 2.5L Turbo Diesel 4x4. We had "settled down" in Victoria, BC while Ashley goes to school and it didn't take long (six weeks!) before we knew we needed to get out of town and into the rainy woods of the pacific north west on the...
  3. DeskToGlory

    Baja Califonia Summary - 5 weeks and $1386

    So far we have travelled from Vancouver, BC to Costa Rica and will soon be heading south towards Argentina. When people ask about our favourite place that we've been to we almost always say "Baja". The wild-west feel, warm waters, white sand beaches, and cheap tacos make for an experience that...
  4. DeskToGlory

    The Best Camera For Overlanding

    I put together my thoughts on The Best Camera for Overlanding on our blog. Thoughts? Do you guys stick with one camera for everything or do you use a few different cameras for different jobs?
  5. DeskToGlory

    1993 Toyota Pickup - Desk to Glory v2.0

    Desk to Glory v2.0 After parking our red pickup in Costa Rica we needed to find another truck as a daily driver while we're in BC. The point of being back here is to work, save some money, and return to Costa Rica before shipping to South America. While we're home we're going to be exploring...
  6. DeskToGlory

    Desk To Glory - Vancouver to Panama (or farther...)

    Now that we're a few weeks into our adventure I thought it was time to post here. Here's our Expedition Portal Build Thread. We left Vancouver on October 1, 2013 and are crossing into Mexico on Friday. Our adventures through the US have been fantastic so far and the list of places we want...
  7. DeskToGlory

    3rd Gen Toyota Pickup - Budget Expo Build

    I’m a very long time Expo Portal lurker and am hoping to put some of my knowledge learned to the test. This site and forum is a fantastic resource… and motivator. General Summary: The main driver for the build is a road trip through the US and Central America. Over the last couple of years...