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    Slide out kitchen

    When I asked them about this in May, they said its coming soon to NA market. Asked me to DM them(in instagram) but never did to find out when exactly its coming.
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    Opus OP-15

    Escape Trailer(from canada) are coming out with a an off-road version of their 17ft model. It's more of an experimentation on their end, but I am curious to see how it turns out before making a decision next camper. Their sales guy said it will be later in Fall when something comes out.
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    FS: Custom Expo Trailer Base. Build your dream trailer on this..

    Would this be a good platform to stick a hallmark or FWC camper body on top? Seems like wide and long enough to accommodate one.
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    Global Expedition Vehicle Turtle 2012

    Not interested in sale, but I think I took picture of your rig back in April '17 in Bryce Canyon parking lot :)
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    NEW Overland Explorer Expedition Vehicles Composite Pop-Up Camper

    I wish you guys had found a way to put more windows or bigger window.
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    My Journey

    hi Jerry, I normally don't post here, only just read other's experiences. Took me few days but went through all your pages, but thanks for documenting your travels. I also have 2 dogs(although nowhere patient as yours) and glad to see you taking them out for adventures, also sorry about...
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    Canyonlands: The Maze: Pilgrimage to the Doll House

    Nice report. What kind/brand grill is that?
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    Trip to get my Flippac - Az, Ut and Co *Pic Heavy*

    Great pics, and the snake. :) I recently tried that Mr Buddy heater in my teardrop, couldn't let it run for more than few mins before it got too toasty inside.
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    St George to Moab

    Nice report. Did you guys have permits from beforehand for Wave or got same day/in person permit in Kanab?
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    The Best Road Sign in Utah? You be the judge...

    Nice report. Where is that sign exactly? I looked around in area around Hanksville in Gmaps, couldn't locate it.
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    CA -> UT -> CO (Warning: TONS of pictures!)

    Great report and pictures. That's one of my favorite fishing spots in Utah, so many fish but so hard to get them.
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    TC Teardrops

    Co-incidentally, their facebook page posted one with a rooftop tent earlier today. Look for TCTeardrops in Facebook. I think off road package is worth the money, bigger tires, beefier axle and trailer brakes, hitch receivers and lock n roll hitch.
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    Rock sliders

    I've the same sliders on my 4runner. Installing on drive side was a pita, but it worked out fine after some professional help.
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    Mobile Base Camp Family Camper

    Well my first comment here, didn't realize I already have an account. But awesome build, would love to see in person some day. :sombrero: Also looking at the pics, did you test it out in washington lake CG? I think I was at same exact site few weeks ago.