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    2001 F250 steering help

    I have a 2001 F250 4x4 with a 7.3L. Yesterday I made a right hand turn after being stopped at a light and the truck was wandering all over the road for about two stop lights then corrected itself. I was able catch the wanders with the steering wheel so the truck would not go into other lanes...
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    Adventure Bicycle retrofit?

    My wife and I are planning on cycling from Pittsburgh, PA to Washington, DC along the Allegheny Passage, hauling our own gear. We both have older mountain bikes and road bikes from the '90s. Of course the mountain bike is designed to be strong and nimble in the woods and the road bike is built...
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    concealed hydrolic bed

    I thought this was interesting
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    Wheel Winch

    I don't remember seeing this on the forum
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    New River Rendezvous 2010

    8th Annual New River Rendezvous, It's a rock climbing anchor fund raiser in West Virginia's New River Gorge. This is my camper car. This was parked across from me some people camped in tents others had campers Event sponsers Patagonia, Black Diamond, Petzl, etc.... Adventure films, Summo...
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    Alaskan Camper, Warren Ohio

    Not mine, thought I would post
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    Budget Travel

    My criteria at the time was 4-season capability, economical to travel with and I could sleep overnight in stealth mode, so I ended up with a 2001 Subaru Outback. As we all know the 4-season capability from Subaru I wanted the capability of transfering the vehicle for different task. The first...
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    Alaskan for sale Guys asking $1000 was thinking of offering $400, think its worth renovating
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    Multi-use Dodge Ram 2500

    This is my new "budget" project. I purchased a 2001 Dodge Ram 2500, 4X4, Magnum 5.9L last October. I initially wanted a diesel but everything I looked at in my price range was well worn and rusted out.
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    Stealth Camper Van

    This vehicle is not mine but I like the concept of stealth traveling. enjoy.
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    Ryan and Holly updated their Supercamper Blog, including a video My new favorite movie!
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    Skinning Ladder Racks, Possible?

    Considering: Skinning steel ladder racks with 0.023 Aluminum around four sides, fabricate solid barn doors and light weight steel on top for a strong deck. Would adhesive hold or should I add a thin piece of L to rivet to? I like the A.R.E. DCU and Callen Campers but they are pricey even for the...
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    Earthroamer sighting on Youtube

    Now I really want one
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    Sleeping Systems

    I am in the "design phase" of a Nida Cor Camper similiar but smaller & lighter to Gary and Monica's Turtle on a Dodge 3500 4X4. I would prefer not to set up a sleeping area each night, so I was looking at the Happijac Bed Lift. The problem is I spend most of my free time in the mountains of WV...