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    My new Skamper 100s

    My best guess is the roof framing is rotted in the corners and you will have to replace the framing. Most of the campers that use that lift system end up that way if not taken care. I wouldn't try a quick fix patch job. You may as well pull the roof, flip in over and fix it right. With a little...
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    Edgestar 43qt fridge - SOLD

    I'm going to be camping at Kerr lake on the VA NC border, the first week of April. If it's still available I may be interested..
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    Pop-Up Camper - Custom Build (scratch built) Oasis-Si

    I'll be real curious as what the final weight comes in at. I'm guessing well over 1000#s. Last year I rebuilt a 4 wheel Grandby from the ground up. With electric jacks, battery and fridge it came in at 1100#s. After I stripped it, my bare aluminum frame with the roof was under 100#s. I used 3...
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    The $500 Grandby Project....

    I'm going to say no bottom aluminum under that door. Here's a picture of my propane compartment opening from my 79 Grandby. that I gutted and restored.
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    2003 Pleasure-Way

    That looks very nice. I wonder what it will sell for?
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    Canvas Window Replacement?

    Any good boat canvas shop should be able to make your windows. I made my own for my 79Grandby. Took a couple attempts, but I got it done. Search through this thread, he gives you all the steps and pictures too. I followed his plans and there is no leakage whatsoever, even in driving rain...
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    Renogy 100watt Monocrystalline Suitcase Solar Panel

    That was a very nice buy. But I read local pick up. Looks like he shipped it.
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    1982 Fleet Flatbed Conversion Project

    Good to see you getting out and using it! Just 1 trip for me so far this year. Maybe a trip to Canada next month. I sure do like the extra space you gain with a flatbed.
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    My Journey

    The 1972 storm was Agnes.
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    My Journey

    You are in my neck of the woods now. Looks like you crossed the Woodrow Wilson bridge near DC, and the Bay bridge by Annapolis. Lots of white knuckle driving in those areas! You won't find much free remote camping on the east coast unfortunately! I'm in the Amish country of S.E. PA. Beautiful...
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    FS: Indel B/Truckfridge TB51 - SOLD

    That looks like a good deal, but you are really limiting the sale but not offering shipping.
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    My Journey

    Best of luck with the new rig!!
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    My Journey

    Pictures show up fine for me, and again in your quote.
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    Military Ambulance Truck M886 Dodge Power Wagon 4x4 - $2000

    I get his attitude, but 2K for one of those? Good Luck!
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    Chevy 4x4 Quigley Van for only $13,500, low mileage for age

    This van is not in Colorado, it's in Maryland. He listed it in Colorado as there might be more of a market for it there.
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    My Journey

    I had a 24 foot Born Free motorhome for about 18 months, and found it to be just about a perfect size. Unfortunately it didn't work out for me as I camp to fish, and always tow a boat. That meant each day I had to take to boat to a launch with the motorhome. Got to be too much trouble putting...
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    My Journey

    Jerry, Sucks you had such bad luck with the truck camper. The RV industry in the US needs a wake up call like our auto manufacturers experienced when the Japanese imports stated hitting our shores. They needed to compete with the Japanese cars, or get left behind. The construction and quality...
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    My Journey

    Glad you are enjoying yourself! I know many of us turn our nose up at fancy campgrounds and fancy rigs, but there is that spirit of adventure in many of the folks you meet. I have many fond memories of people I have met at campgrounds. I'm sort of an old grump, so I do avoid campgrounds during...
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    My Journey

    " I couldn’t help but rate the gravel road as we walked and my thoughts are always the same now.....”the truck camper could have made this route.....we could be camped in solitude had I not.....”..... There's always the what if's. Pretty tough to find a rig that's comfortable to use as your...
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    new roof for a Jayco?

    Googling some images of Jayco roofs, they look pretty heavy, and would require the lifting system. If you could build an aluminum framed and skinned roof it would be much lighter. With that, you could raise the roof by hand and support it with a electrical conduit system. Check out wanderthewest...