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    HF trailer for sale Looks like this, with sides, lightly used. 275 too much? Sorry if I posted in wrong section. Im in Tracy, Ca
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    saw these yesterday

    saw these on crosstown freeway in Stockton, Humvee trailers? Kinda look like sankey's
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    trailer on CL No relations....2 rust spots he said, possibly take less for it. I have no time to refurbish one or I would buy it! Hope it works out for someone.....sorry if posted to wrong thread! cjm
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    cant find the thread

    Hey guys a few back there was a thread of a trailer co. that made copycat miltary trailers in N cali for about 2grand....anyone remember it? He would special make them, the thread wasnt too long........oh and they also floated. Thanks again with the help. cjm
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    bantam 4 sale dont have any affiliation! Enjoy, sorry if its posted wrong!! cjm