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  1. colierar

    Camper and Truck Photos

    My son being a goofball
  2. colierar

    Camper and Truck Photos

    Everything that gets set up when you set up camp goes inside the camper down the middle walk way(first out, last in when packing) other stuff I don't use often goes on the sides (in between the camper and the truck bed sides) Hope that helps!
  3. colierar

    Larry's 1978 K10

    Good stuff, your truck is my favorite by far. I think even over my own square body! Thanks for posting!
  4. colierar

    Larry's 1978 K10

    Come on Larry...we have been waiting almost 2 months for some pictures and videos. Lets go you slacker! :coffeedrink:
  5. colierar

    DIY Propane Firepit

    Must have missed it. Definitely a different crowd over there.
  6. colierar

    DIY Propane Firepit

    When are you going to post this over at reddit DIY? They loved the truck, I am sure they will love this. I might have to make one. Good idea.
  7. colierar

    1988 Suburban "MOBY"

  8. colierar

    Project “Polar Bear”: 1989 V2500 Suburban

    Man Larry, you should get some sort of prize for making all of these first time posters sign up just so they can post on your threads. :) I guess it just goes to show how cool your rigs are and how many people still like older trucks(really I just mean Chevys). Great stuff!
  9. colierar

    Larry's 1978 K10

    Love your truck Larry, I always follow along the story of another square body. Thanks for all of your knowledge(and testing) you contribute. I have stolen a couple of your tricks for my own truck(bicycle bottle cages as water bottle holders) Have fun on your trip!
  10. colierar

    Ski Bum Truck V2.0, F450 Rough Road RV

    I've been following along and just wow man. Great amount of work in a little amount of time. Glad to see you at least had some time to eat...
  11. colierar

    LED flashlights that use regular batteries or rechargeable? (early 2017 edition)

    18650 is the newest and greatest tech, the batteries will hold a charge for a very long time and wont leak on you as long as don't buy cheap ones. This is a great light to keep in your car. It will charge...
  12. colierar

    campsite pics..lets see um

    Couple of months ago... Little winter wonderland
  13. colierar

    Can't find what I want so the build begins.

    Amazing man, nice build and great work. Just read the whole thing through.
  14. colierar

    Wiper blades

    Costco always has those Goodyear ones for like $5.99 or $6.99. They work well. Skipping wiper blade are my arch nemesis... Drive me crazy. Seriously...
  15. colierar

    1971 K5 Blazer

    Check this guy out.
  16. colierar

    Dual Battery Questions

    Yes, you can. I use a deep cycle car/boat battery in my set up. Its a pretty sweet set up and you don't have to worry about anything. Its switches between charging the start to full and then it will start charging the house battery. Then when you turn the key to off it separates the batteries...
  17. colierar

    Dual Battery Questions

    WirthCo 20090 Battery Doctor 75 Amp/100 Amp Battery Isolator Use this and hook the house battery up to a fuse panel and hook all of your accessories up to it and you are done. It doesn't care if the house battery is deep cycle...
  18. colierar

    Alaskan on a 97 F250 4x4 Diesel

    Thanks! That is a good point, I guess its junkyard hunting I will go. Again cool truck man, love the clean installs and attention to detail.
  19. colierar

    Alaskan on a 97 F250 4x4 Diesel

    Just went through all 14 pages. What a nice set up, seriously love the detail on the new bed. I might of missed it, because I didn't read every page(at work..skimming) but do you have a spare tire? I have a 77 Chevy 3/4 ton with a Jayco pop top and the truck used to have the spare mounted in the...
  20. colierar

    The Lunchbox Build... 4x4 chevy shorty van

    Awesome man, so cool to watch this amazing transformation. I am a Chevy guy at heart and this van is what they are all about.