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  1. roverrocks

    Our Trip to Northwest Nebraska and the Black Hills Region

    Great writeup, great pictures. Thanks for posting your adventures in this great little known region.
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    Love the music. Nice video.
  3. roverrocks

    Random Scenic Shots

    Very cool clouds!! I love to watch storm clouds and their whirlings.
  4. roverrocks

    Wildlife Photography

    WOW, that would have been an impressive sight to behold. Thanks for posting.
  5. roverrocks

    Discovery in a discovery

    Gorgeous scenery. Georgeous!!
  6. roverrocks

    Postcards from Iceland - with the where

    Gorgeous scenery. Thanks for posting.
  7. roverrocks

    Random Scenic Shots

    That is a marvelous picture. How many have ever seen Landscape Arch reflected in a pool of rainwater? I know I never have. Lovely picture. WOW!
  8. roverrocks

    The NF roads in Jemez Mountains, NM.

    Very nice. Thanks.
  9. roverrocks

    Colorado National Monument and Beyond

    Very very nice!! Not too far from me for most of these. Been to them a lot near GJ. There is a 15 mile round trip hike from down near the Colorado River that goes up and back to Rattlesnake Canyon and Arches. One of my favorite Colorado hikes. I'm much too old and infirm to do it anymore...
  10. roverrocks

    Hiking To Hidden History of The Sierras, September 2014

    Excellent B-24 video. Thank you. My father flew 13 missions over Europe before being shot down by a German fighter over Germany in 1944. He and 8 others parachuted out of the crippled bomber and survived a harrowing year in the German POW camps before being liberated in 1945.
  11. roverrocks

    FS 2004 Mercedes G500 G-Wagen - 51K miles!

    Love it!! Wish I had the $$$$. Find that truck a good home.
  12. roverrocks

    Random Scenic Shots

    Absolutely stunning photos Blackdawg. Gorgeous scenery and photography. Thanks for posting such pictures.
  13. roverrocks

    Panoramic Shots

    La Sal Mountains and Fisher Towers, Utah.
  14. roverrocks

    Iberian trip

    Beautiful countryside. A very inviting ocean. Thanks
  15. roverrocks

    Mojave Rd.

    Really good stuff. A fun time.
  16. roverrocks

    The Flying Huntsman Pickup

    The Flying Huntsman Pickup from Kahn.
  17. roverrocks

    Random Scenic Shots

    Very beautiful picture!! Gorgeous sunset.