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  1. erod

    Storage platforms and truck topper with rack, locks and light

    topper and boxes are still available…guess i would start taking offers…thanks eros
  2. erod

    Storage platforms and truck topper with rack, locks and light

    Price drop to 375 for the topper…open to offers
  3. erod

    Storage platforms and truck topper with rack, locks and light

    I don't but I can install and remove them fairly easily by myself. They are cabinet grade, super nice with a carpeted deck.
  4. erod

    Storage platforms and truck topper with rack, locks and light

    Hey all, long time portal member but been away for a few years. We recently picked up a new to us FWC so we are looking to sell our old camping set up. It has treated us great in the past but we need to make some room in the driveway! The topper is an older Raider with the raised top, a light...
  5. erod

    Suspension Inquiries

    very cool you guys, thanks for all the great input!
  6. erod

    Suspension Inquiries

    Does anyone have any pics of an 02' or similar Taco with the OME suspension lift installed front and back? it appears im gonna lose .75 inches of ride height from the front with the OME vs. the Fabtech and i want to avoid the "raking" appearance if possible...
  7. erod

    Suspension Inquiries

    cool you guys, thanks so much for the input, i will surely update this thread once any decisions are made and the install begins. cheers!
  8. erod

    Suspension Inquiries

    Hey all! been a while, looks like i have plenty to catch up on! Good thing i have a six pack to keep me company! Anyway, the time has come to change out the suspension on my 02' Taco. currently i have 2.5" Fabtech coilovers up front and Fabtech shocks in back w OME leafs. The shocks and...
  9. erod

    1992 Four Wheel Pop Up Camper

    Sold...thanks everyone...
  10. erod

    WTB Used four Wheel Camper

    pm, email sent
  11. erod

    1992 Four Wheel Pop Up Camper

    topper sent u a pm
  12. erod

    1992 Four Wheel Pop Up Camper

    thanks for checkin out the thread...the camper sleeps 4 comfortably, 2 up top on the queen bed and two on the fold out. the arctic pack is made with reflectix metallic bubble wrap which is inturn wrapped tightly with cotton. works very well and the cotton cuts down drastically on moisure build...
  13. erod

    1992 Four Wheel Pop Up Camper

    its time the camper and i part ways, home ownership has taken its toll and its just not getting out as much as it should...i made multiple posts so some of you may be familiar with the unit but here is a brief run down... 1992 Ranger II model loaded, sink, stove, furnace, icebox, wood floors...
  14. erod

    Two story Toyota camper with a deck

    thats unreal! thanks for posting...
  15. erod

    Pop-up top modifications?

    kc, thats me and my buddy! thats me and my good buddy ryan skiing the pass...its an old camper, spent many nights in it...its on a t100. the name of the company escapes me but i'll look into it. its fully popped in that pic, i.e. only one side pops the old school wildernests. queen...
  16. erod

    FWC Finch on a +05 Tacoma

    that is an awesome set up...i really like the shorter finch and it looks sick on your taco...looking forward to more pics and reports...congrats!
  17. erod

    No Country for Cold Men

    wow, well its been a while since i have been around but its great to come back to such awesome posts! as always, great pics, stories and write up you guys...thanks so much! ahh...good to be back. cheers!
  18. erod

    A very nice built FWC on Ford super duty.

    that is one sweet rig, thanks for posting. really like the hi-lift/jerry can mount. seems a little odd that a work truck would have some of those bells and whistles (i.e. rims, tires, etc., maybe) there has been a lot of talk about utility beds and 4wc camper combos and it seems like the...
  19. erod

    Show us your Toyota 4runner, tacoma or truck.

    great pics guys, heres one from a recent ski tour, spend 4 nights in the camper!