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  1. Josh41

    Anyone having issues with KO2's?

    I'm on my second set, about 50k on first set, 10k on second. No problems.
  2. Josh41

    Fantastic Vent. 01810

    Free Fantastic Vent. This was a 1200 with motor, I took out the motor for my FWC. All parts to install a vent except the motor. Free, pickup only in 01810.
  3. Josh41

    2019 Frontier pro - 4x tires question .

    I've been running those for 60K miles. Fit fine, love them.
  4. Josh41

    Nissan Frontier as family expedition vehicle?

    We have been using or 2016 Frontier CCLWB for years hauling all sorts of stuff, 1 kid in elementary and a big 70 lb dog. We are very happy with the truck,. What you are describing sounds great and doable, the truck has plenty of power, we have been to the Rockies and back to east coat three...
  5. Josh41

    Putting a FWC Hawk in a short-bed truck?

    A few thoughts for you: When calculating your load, don't forget people, water and stuff. You will be hard pressed to find a FWC in a 150/1500 that is not over the GVWR. The more you overhang behind the axle, the more sway you will get and weight on the rear axle vs spreading it out over...
  6. Josh41

    SOLD FS: Oz Tent RV4

    Still sitting in my garage.
  7. Josh41

    Sewing Thread....A discussion on making your own adventure textile gear.

    Just added some patches to this boat cover that I made a few years ago. Sent from my SM-G950U using Tapatalk
  8. Josh41

    AT Tacoma Habitat: Official Thread

    Screen entry made. No bugs for us. Sent from my SM-G950U using Tapatalk
  9. Josh41

    Aux Battery Atwood Connection Question and ACR 7611 too

    The positive lead to the Atwood plug in my truck bed. Note: Part of my FWC install 2 years ago by the dealer. Sent from my SM-G950U using Tapatalk
  10. Josh41

    Aux Battery Atwood Connection Question and ACR 7611 too

    I think the problem has been found. It looks like the wire after the fuse in the engine bay, after the ACR to the socket in the bed of truck has too high a resistance, likely due to corrosion in the back of the socket (exposed to weather) or the connections made by the installer that originally...
  11. Josh41

    Aux Battery Atwood Connection Question and ACR 7611 too

    Update, spent some time checking the connection, it works, full voltage going through to battery. Battery was low, 11.41 volts. So, am I getting enough power to the second battery? I think part of the problem is I only drive 2 miles to work, and I don't have permanent solar panels, I do have...
  12. Josh41

    Aux Battery Atwood Connection Question and ACR 7611 too

    I'm running an aux battery in my truck bed for the Habitat, noticed fridge turned off from low voltage, no milk for coffee. Got home and started poking around with the volt meter. Aux battery in truck bed at 11.41 volts. Truck running 13.99 volts at batt, 13.97 past ACR(not sure why passing...
  13. Josh41

    Hodakaguy's Vagabond Camper/Truck Build - Yes Again!

    Looking great as always, really enjoy watching your builds. I have a similar battery setup in my Nissan with AT Habitat, how do you plan on securing the battery in the bed?
  14. Josh41

    SOLD FS: Oz Tent RV4

    Accepting offers, camping time is now!
  15. Josh41

    2nd Battery in Truck Bed, How Did You Mount?

    I have a second battery set up in my truck bed to power my AT Habitat and fridge, how did you secure your battery in your GFC, Habitat, Summit, OVRLND, etc? I don't have room in the engine compartment and don't want to start moving stuff. Just looking to see how you tied down to handle off...
  16. Josh41

    AT Tacoma Habitat: Official Thread

    I'm getting bubbles in my carpet where the carpet is un-gluing. Any suggestions on how to re-adhere the carpet. And, I want to add carpet to the truck box sides, any leads on carpet to match and which spray glue?
  17. Josh41

    Who makes good amsteel blue soft shackles?

    If you are a DIY kinda person, you can try making your own, it doesn't look too complicated. Check out Grogs Knots. Cool website if you like or need to tie knots.
  18. Josh41

    2017-2018 Frontier - Smart alternator?

    llamalander, do you have a pic of that second battery install?