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    120 -> 200, anyone make the jump?

    First off, I love my GX470. It's just about finished, built conservatively (hidden winch, aluminum skids, sliders, rear bumper). I bought my first one in Jan 2015 and my next two years ago, so I'm at nearly four years with them -- really couldn't ask for anything better (well, a stronger rear...
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    FS: Hellroaring BIC-95300B battery isolator with remote module *SOLD*

    $190 -- located in northern NJ, will happily ship. New is $249.90 + shipping: Product page: Never installed. I bought it from someone who decided to go a different route, and then I got a deal on a Goal Zero and decided...
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    Yet another tent thread -- Black Pine, Kodiak, Springbar, OZ Tent?

    The tents I'm looking at are on two different sides of the spectrum; I am likely going with something incredibly durable (canvas) or incredibly light and fast (Malamoo 3 Second). I have a Eureka Sunrise now that's served me well, but after putting bendy fiberglass poles together for a week (if...
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    GX470 weekend expo build

    I decided that my '97 LX450 was too slow and overbuilt for my purposes, so I sold it and bought something a bit newer and more comfortable (with a lot more power). I'm going to use this for shorter-ish trips (likely max of about two weeks) but it'll also serve as a daily until it becomes...
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    1997 Lexus LX450 - factory lockers, armored, lifted, 35's, in Phoenix AZ

    SOLD Location: Phoenix, AZ $7999 OBO ~213k, factory locked, no CEL & passed emissions in Phoenix last May. ARB front bumper, Slee sliders, Iron Pig skids, unsure on the rear bumper but it's beefy w/swingout. It also has a very nice Slee lift - previous owner told me it was 4", but it has the...