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    The Flying Huntsman Pickup

    The Flying Huntsman Pickup from Kahn.
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    Father/Son 4X4 Day Trip To Hell's Revenge

    In March 2013 my youngest son and myself took a sunny warm 2013 Father/Son day trip to run the Hell's Revenge Trail just east of Moab. As we did not get out alone together too often this was a highly enjoyable day especially for myself. This was the only time my son has done the Hell's Revenge...
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    Intereresting Land Rover for sale in Utah

    This is not my truck. Just saw this on the website for the Centerville, Utah Land Rover dealer. Very interesting.
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    Utah West Desert Wonders and Beauty

    Spent five days in November 2014 exploring byways, backroads, and easy two-tracks in and amongst the mountains ranges, desert valleys, desert springs, and volcanic wonders of the vast, lonely, beautiful Utah West Desert. Seeking-solitude and exploring the West Desert are synonymous terms. If...
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    Autumn in the Nebraska Sandhills

    I have visited the wondrous Nebraska Sandhills region...
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    High Plains Drifting

    Spent four days in late August 2014 wandering the backroads and byways of the High Plains of extreme northwestern Nebraska from the Wildcat Hills near Scottsbluff, NE...
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    Rovering and Four-Wheeling The Nebraska Sandhills in June 2014

    I visited the Nebraska Sandhills twice in 2013 but could not take advantage of the many many miles of Federal and State 4wd two-track trails I passed by and wanted avidly to explore. This summer of 2014 I loaded up my aging Land Rover with with gear, supplies, and my lovely wife and drove the...
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    The Pawnee Buttes of NE Colorado and the Pawnee National Grasslands

    The wife and myself headed out on June 21 from Montrose, Colorado for a week in the Nebraska Sandhills. About 475 miles into our trip we visited the Pawnee National Grasslands and Pawnee Buttes in NE Colorado just south of where Colorado, Wyoming, and Nebraska intersect on the shortgrass...
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    Engineering to Animas Forks in SW Colorado-Still Snowy up High

    We love our intrepid snowdozer guys in the San Juan Mountains. In fact we adore them!! These guys open many of our high Alpine Loop 4x4 roads/trails in the Ouray/Silverton/Lake City/Telluride, Colorado mountains every late spring/early summer every year. Wheeling through the deep single lane...
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    Ophiring in the Peaks of SW Colorado

    Ophir Pass (11,789 ft.) is one of the earliest old mining roads to be plowed and opened in the San Juan Mountains of SW Colorado. Being just opened this past week a group of 4 jeeps and one rover decided to wheel this relatively easy but very scenic alpine trail on June 8, 2014. The road/trail...
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    An Early Mineral Creek and Portland Mine Trip

    Still lots of snow in the high San Juan Mountains of SW Colorado on June 1 when two jeeps and a rover explored eastward up Mineral Creek from Hy 550 near Ouray. This is a 4x4 route that gets plowed in order to help open up the Alpine Loop each early summer. Without the intrepid snow bulldozers...
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    Memorial Day Journey to Hotel Mesa

    Wandered from Montrose, CO to Hotel Mesa, Utah overlooks on Memorial Day. Approximately 120 miles to the Hotel Mesa scenic views from my home. Nothing hard about the Dolores Triangle trails once into Utah in the slightest but the solitude (saw only a few people all day) and views were...
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    A Dolores Triangle Journey For a Day

    Spent May 21, 2014 exploring views, canyon overlooks and wildflowers of the northern Dolores Triangle in eastern Utah. The Dolores Triangle is a seldom visited area bordered by the Colorado and Dolores Rivers on the north, west, and south and by the Utah/Colorado border on the east. I accessed...
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    The Kokopelli Trail: A Short Section for a Daytrip

    The Kokopelli Trail in Colorado and Utah covers about 140 miles of great desert scenery. All can be done by mountain bike and much by truck as well. On May 8 I did a short section of Kokopelli from Rabbit Valley, CO to just north of Westwater, Utah. About 25 miles including side trails to...
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    Grand Mesa Desert Foothills and Adobes

    My wife and myself spent May 3 & 4 exploring and photographing the wildflowers, wildlife, vistas, and scenery of the springtime dry Grand Mesa foothills and adobes N and NW of Delta, Colorado. The late winter and spring have been dry here so the wildflowers are much less vibrant and plentiful...
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    April San Juan Foothills

    The San Juan Mountains of SW Colorado are renowned as a 4x4/hiking wonderland of high alpine beauty but there is one major problem at the moment: It's still in the firm grip of winter and there are NO alpine trails open yet and won't be for 6-8-10 weeks at the earliest. In fact today April 26...
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    An Early Spring 4x4 Loop of the Bangs Canyon Special Recreation Area

    On Saturday April 12, 2014 my wife and myself wheeled a picturesque 20 mile loop within the BLM Bangs Canyon Special Recreation Area which lies in the uplands and mesas just south of the Colorado National monument and only a few miles SW of the 100,000 people of Grand Junction, CO. Few people...
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    Jack's Knob

    A journey to Jack's Knob in late March. Sand, sandstone, scenic trails, new blooms, and lizards.
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    Desert Crisscrossings in Eastern Utah

    Spent March 12-15, 2014 crisscrossing the late winter desert environs south and southwest of Green River, Utah ending in the Hanksville, Utah area and to about 25 miles south of Hanksville. Wandered east/west between Hy 24/Hy 95/Goblin Valley on the west and the Green and Dirty Devil Rivers on...
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    Sailing a dry March Desert

    Sailing for a day in the dry March 10 desert south of Green River, Utah. Roads and trails dry, wildflowers starting to bloom, a tiny cactus, and the picturesque Green River plus a placid desert pond.