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  1. UncleChris

    Tires on too narrow a rim?

    DOes anyone know what the downside is to putting a tire on too narow a rim? For example, if the recommended rim width is 7.5-8" and you put the tire on a 7" rim, what are the repercussions?
  2. UncleChris

    High Mileage YJs

    What should one look for in a high mileage YJ? I know that the Cherokees run forever, but is a high mileage(~150k miles) one worth looking at? Any gotchas, things to stay away from?
  3. UncleChris

    How many miles are Cherokees good for??

    I am thinking about getting a 100" trail rig and am seeing some high mileage XJs for cheap. I got rid of my old XJ(98) at 170,000 miles. In retrospect I think it was balljoints/Wheel bearings. A friend of mine is still running his(96) at 220,000 miles. Does anyone have any experience with...
  4. UncleChris

    Tire choices in 255/85-16

    I know that the BFG MTs are popular around here in 255/85. Does anyone have any experience(had a friend who had a friend that had one) with the Maxxis BigHorns or the Interco TrXus MTs? They seem to be the only other tires available in that size. Thanks
  5. UncleChris

    How about this for expedition travel A little big, but it does come in a hybrid and it does have Linux onboard! Might be tough on tight trails though......
  6. UncleChris

    Getting lost around Lake Topaz NV

    I had signed up for the WineCountry RockKrawlers Mustang Run along with a friend. This is a run out of Reno on a 4wheel drive trail to Virgina City. Thinking it was a good time to take a few days off from work, I took Friday and Monday off to expand my adventure. Coming over Carson Pass on...
  7. UncleChris

    Stupid Radio Tricks

    Thought I would start a thread about cool things to do with your radios. First thing I would start with is APRS; I have my VHF unit hooked up to my GPS unit so that I can broadcast my position using APRS. This goes into a digipeater with an...
  8. UncleChris

    Got my Camburg UCAs coming

    Ordered a pair of UCAs today along with a 2.5 Gallon air tank. They should be here by the end of the week. I might be wrenchin.......
  9. UncleChris

    KG6JLG where are you?

    Hey Adam, Haven't seen you on the APRS site yet. I'll check on the D700. Did you get your APRS going???
  10. UncleChris

    IFS, WTF? or 'how to stuff???'

    (Also posted on TTora) So I go to Hollister today to see how much flex I can get to check tire clearance. White_Eskimo and I were there a few weeks ago and did some flexing, but our flexing was inconclusive and we were still confused. This morning I took the truck to a local park with a dirt...
  11. UncleChris

    Got My Waffle Boards Today

    Got home today and had my Terra Trax Waffle Boards sitting on the front porch. I have been looking for Sand Ladders for years, but always found them to be prohibitively expensive here in the states. Although I saw the aluminum ones at OKOffroad, but I thought that the aluminum might be too...
  12. UncleChris

    55W IPFs on a 45W circuit?

    So now that I have the ARB on on and the IPFs in a box in the garage, I looked at the OEM Toyota Foglamps and the bulbs say 45W on them. How much of a risk would it be to hook the 55W IPFs to the factory wiring harness for the 45W lamps? I have the FSMs at home, but nowhere can I find the fuse...
  13. UncleChris

    HiLift Jack on an ARB Front Bumper

    Is anybody running their HiLift Jack on top of their ARB bumper? If so, how is it mounted? Got any pics? Thanks
  14. UncleChris

    ARB Bumper on an 05 Taco

    Glad to say that I got my ARB bumper installed last weekend and mounted the winch on this last weekend. I found that the weight of the bumper and winch combo lowered the front end about an inch. That is with the wire rope and roller fairlead. The only thing that concerns me about it is that...
  15. UncleChris

    The word on Winches

    So my ARB bumper for the Taco came last week. Word is that if you are going to put a winch on with it, you want to do it when you first put the bumper on. So my question is how important do you think winches are? After I put a winch on my XJ, my friends and I all got too busy to get out in the...
  16. UncleChris

    Ham Radio & the Backcountry Wilderness Protocol

    One of my Ham buddies was telling me about the Ham Radio Wilderness Protocol after we were discussing Boonie trips to the backcountry. I thought this might be of interest to the group. I haven't used this yet or monitored BUT next time I am...