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  1. Christophe Noel

    I just kicked off bikepacking season! Woo!

    It took two stabs at this ride to get it properly completed, not that it's even all that tough. I just had some funky circumstances pop up. Beautiful area that I didn't know much about until Andrew at brought it to my attention...
  2. Christophe Noel

    Beyond the Truck: Grand Canyon Solitaire

    Here's a little piece I wrote up as part of our new Beyond the Truck series. As you know, not all of the coolest places in the world have wheeled access.
  3. Christophe Noel

    Looking for a Sleeping Pad? I spent a year testing 23 different models. I spent roughly 19 months testing 23 different pads. That spanned 57 nights in the boonies, at least 24 more at home, on hotel floors, even on my patio. This review showcases 13 pads, most of them relatively new within the...
  4. Christophe Noel

    FS: Rocky Road Outfitters Super Sliders Jeep Patriot - make offer

    I have a set of RRO super sliders I would like to sell, as I just do not use them as intended. New they are $320 with about $75 for shipping. I'd like someone to pick them up locally in Prescott and I'd take any fair offer as I'd rather they not lurk around my house any longer than needed...
  5. Christophe Noel

    Rocky Mt Instinct BC Edition - this is a fun one

    This has been a hoot to ride. The more I ride it the more I dig it.
  6. Christophe Noel

    Tips for the travel writers out there

    Over the years our Overland International editorial team has compiled our own notes on what makes a good travel yarn. I put those notes to work last year to pen this piece on travel writing. We hope it is helpful...
  7. Christophe Noel

    Computer monitors - Macbook compatible

    This is not very "overlandy" but do any of you have any input for selecting a desktop monitor for use with a Macbook Pro? I can't stomach the $1000 price of the Apple monitors as nice as they are. Anything I should know, avoid, or look into? Suggestions for brands, models, etc? I need...
  8. Christophe Noel

    FS: Garmin eTrex 30. Excellent conditin. $150 shipped

    I have a Garmin eTrex 30 for sale. It is in great condition. I've had a screen protector on it since the day I bought it. No signs of use and it looks good as new. I don't have any of the original packaging or manuals, so I'm pricing it pretty low. $150 shipped.
  9. Christophe Noel

    FS: Two GCI Pico Chairs, great condition

    I have two GCI Pico chairs I would like to sell. Both are in great shape having not been used all too much. I'd like to get $120 for the pair, but will cover shipping. Again, they are in great shape with no damage or signs of ware.
  10. Christophe Noel

    Bikepacking Gear for sale

    I would normally put this in the Classifieds section, but I have loads of gear I need to...unload. I have jackets, stoves, an 800 fill sleeping bag, water filters, handlebar bag, seat bag, frame bag....I have a bunch of stuff. If anyone has a need for anything let me know. I'll post more...
  11. Christophe Noel

    FS: Zamberlan Tofane GTW NW RR Boots, 45/11US, like new

    I bought this pair of boots for an OJ review and they were one half size too big. I ordered a smaller size, love them, but need to get this pair on another set of feet. I got a good deal, so I'm just passing that good deal along. I used this pair for one day around town, so that is why they are...
  12. Christophe Noel

    FS: Canon PowerShot G1 SOLD

    I have for sale a camera I bought to use mainly as a backup and never really needed it. It saw very little usage and spent most of its life in a box. I'm selling it with all of the original packaging, manuals, in fact most of the accessories are still wrapped in plastic and were never used. I am...
  13. Christophe Noel

    FS: Triple Aught Design Dispatch Bag SOLD

    I have for sale a TAD Dispatch field bag. It's a great travel brief case or even a small overnight bag with fantastic organization compartments. I've had this for a couple years, but it hasn't seen too much use as of the last year. I simply have too many bag of this type. Below is the review I...
  14. Christophe Noel

    Sony RX100 iv, Anyone have one yet? I just pulled the trigger on one.

    I just ordered a Sony RX100 iv and wondered if anyone here has tried one yet. On my motorcycle and mountain bike trips, I find I keep using my Sony 4K action cam for stills more than video...which is silly. So, I thought I might as well give the RX100 a go. By the way...anyone want to buy a...
  15. Christophe Noel

    Anyone ever bought gear through DigitalRev in the US?

    DigitalRev has prices that are hard to beat, but I've never purchased from them. Anyone? Any experience with them?
  16. Christophe Noel

    Packing for the Alpine Loop - Salsa Deadwood

    In a few minutes I roll out the door to take the Salsa Deadwood to Silverton to do a lap around the Alpine Loop. The plan is to also include a ride up the road towards Uncompagre Peak, spend some time in American Basin, and not knock down too many miles in three days of riding. Lots of picture...
  17. Christophe Noel

    Schuberth Customer Service

    It often seems like quality customer service is a thing of a bygone era. I love it when I encounter service that goes way above and beyond. I'm 1200 miles into a three week, 2500 mile motorcycle ride through Colorado. I hit the ugly rains that rolled into Colorado last week and noticed my new...
  18. Christophe Noel

    First Ride: Rocky Mountain Sherpa (Purpose-built for overlanding)

    I love it when worlds collide. If you haven't noticed, a growing number of bike manufacturers are starting to fold the term "overlanding" into bike industry parlance. There are a number of bikes actually named as the "Overland" or "Overlander." Rocky Mountain just released their new Sherpa...
  19. Christophe Noel

    Canon 24-105L Image Stabilized, USM F4 lens, 9+ condition

    I'm selling a lightly used Canon 24-105L Image Stabilized, USM F4 lens in what I would say is 9 to 9+ condition. I bought this lens last fall, used it sparingly for a few indoor shoots and it just sits on a shelf. It needs a new home. These are extremely popular lenses, and as such the prices...
  20. Christophe Noel

    FS: Many, many cast iron Dutch ovens.

    So, my dear dad is a bit of an eccentric dude and loved big group cooking events and competitions involving Dutch ovens. Technically, these are "camp ovens" with the rimmed lids for coals and the legs beneath them. These are all made by Lodge. They're all in good condition, if not just a little...