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    California Legal Engine Swaps

    The engine in my 1990 Jeep YJ is done...the ECM is no longer available and mine is not repairable, and trust me, I have searched high and low for one. The one or two I have found (used) they want $500 for it with no warranty. I would really like to install the Cummins R2.8 but it has not yet...
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    Still a demand for Baja style campers?

    Hey all, Thanks to all who take the time to post here. I have looked all over this site for ideas and inspiration. After spending time out on the street looking around San Diego at used Callen Campers, I decided to build my own Baja style camper. It was a great learning experience and I really...
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    Baja Style Truck Camper Build

    I've been admiring people's work here for a while now. A while back I had a slide-in pop up camper on my truck...loved it. Family grew to 4 members and two large dogs so we traded the camper in on a class C. We love it and use it a lot...however...I've always loved getting places off the beaten...
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    Back up/reverse light switching

    I did a quick search (while at work) and didn't see anything. (did see a thread about what types of doobage people liked!) I have installed some LED lights on my custom camper (Callen/Baja style). I currently have them wired into the reverse light on my Dodge but I would like to add a switch...
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    Snugtop truck shell and custom rack

    I have a Snugtop camper shell that is from a Chevy short bed truck, that is currently mounted on my short bed Dodge RAM. I have been using it for a couple of years and the set up works great. The Rack is scratch built and fits close to the shell but mounts to the bed of the truck. I built it...
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    Callen Style Truck Campers

    Hi guys, I am in the planning stages of building a Callen style truck camper. Since they are gone and can't just go take a look at one, I need help from the forum. At the moment I am curious how the back doors latch for security? Is there a "door sill" where a latch can catch at the bottom, or...