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  1. BoarderDave

    1995 Chevy Tahoe 4X4 - Adventure Rig Build

    Hey all, So a few months back I was looking for an early 2000-mid 2000 Silverado crew cab truck. Well.. after finding how expensive everything still was, I ended up going back to my original love of the 90's bodies. But this time, I was given an opportunity to buy my father-in-laws 95 Tahoe 4x4...
  2. BoarderDave

    77 Chevy K10 Silverado

    Well, first thread, first build, first real true project vehicle for me.. I've always modified, repaired and played with my daily drivers through my younger years, but never had a project vehicle like this that could afford to truly be "built" on the sidelines. :wings: So, long story short, this...