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  1. Dusty-NZ

    shipping from mexico to NZ

    Help me understand this . You want to ship from Mexico , so you can bring the brown Marmorated stink bug (tucked into the subframe of your vehicle) into New Zealand , just to save yourself some money ?? If so , we don't want you .
  2. Dusty-NZ

    NZ Honeymoon October 18 - Nov4th

    Congratulations . . :) 15 days seems a short time to do a tour . You could easily spend that time just in the South Island and just touch the high spots . Yep , we have those camper vans here too . Very hated by many for the same reasons . However , if you go for one of the off road hires ...
  3. Dusty-NZ

    Need More Water

    I had a custom plastic tank made for my space , maybe you could explore that option locally .
  4. Dusty-NZ

    Pondering a custom (tiny) camper build

    Yeah , far too much timber . Gotta keep it light . The 1/4" ply for the outside and 3/16" inside skin will make it really rigid , 1x2 frame plus extra for the four corners (so you can add some clip on jacks to make it easy to remove) 1" light weight angle metal for the corner seams , plenty of...
  5. Dusty-NZ

    home made tie downs - spring strength?

    I have made some spring tie downs for my front mounts . I have figured the spring movement needs to accommodate the chassis flex of the truck . In my case it has been up to an inch of spring travel when off road in a terrible situation . Normal use just a few mm. I used car hood (bonnet)...
  6. Dusty-NZ

    Cabover height

    A couple of things spring to mind . Why have 4" roof gap? that seems excessive . How about you take your truck to the local hot rodder and get him to do a 3" roof chop :)
  7. Dusty-NZ

    Post Pics of Your Hard Side Camper!

    Very nice work , I am a huge fan of your timber cladding , my truck camper has larch siding :)
  8. Dusty-NZ

    Truck Camper steps for a northern lite camper

    That porch looks good . I have made some steps , I just toss them in the camper when I drive off .
  9. Dusty-NZ

    Should I Insulate Under My Circumstances ?

    As the van is already gutted , now is the optimum time to build for the future . Yes , insulate , closed cell foam board is easy , helps with both the cold and hot , you will be using some light weight (thin) ply or similar as lining , so when you come to sell the van , you have an added sale...
  10. Dusty-NZ

    campers for 5'5" full size 1/2 ton trucks?

    I think doing a custom build for the smaller trucks is best , that way you can better control the weight . Every thing jefe says above is relevant . I get away with my 610kg camper as I am by myself in it. Plenty of mods under the truck to stabilize it too.
  11. Dusty-NZ

    Building your own canopy/camper.

    On route to the Edendale Crankup , , via the Nevis road . Jan 2017 .
  12. Dusty-NZ

    Post Pics of Your Hard Side Camper!

    DarcyB , there is a long rambling thread over on some stuff on the truck from about page 12 . :)
  13. Dusty-NZ

    Post Pics of Your Hard Side Camper!

    One of the crossings on the Nevis Road (January 2017)
  14. Dusty-NZ

    Building your own canopy/camper.

    chilli , I put the airtabs on to help with stability . The camper is an aerodynamic brick so the tabs have given me a great improvement due to smoothing out the air flow at the rear of the truck . I experience less wind effect from big trucks and blustery weather, results in me traveling more...
  15. Dusty-NZ

    Building your own canopy/camper.

    I have a pic of last years junk , just in case I do something typical , like forget my camera ............. This is the local vintage car club annual fund raiser event , 600+ sites , 3 days of usually fine weather , 10,000 people and lots of interesting junk on offer. I seem to manage to find a...
  16. Dusty-NZ

    Building your own canopy/camper.

    Thanks for the vote of confidence there chilli :) There is a 3 day swap meet coming due soon , I will have the camper on for that event (so a proper test) In the mean time , I've just been out with the dog and she reckons it's just the cats pajamas :) :) ps; interesting shed build , that is...
  17. Dusty-NZ

    Building your own canopy/camper.

    The joys of owning a motor vehicle eh chilli ....... you know they are made to keep us poor and off the road :( So I eventually took the rear springs off my truck on Monday and into the spring manufacturer on Tues, picked them up Friday . What I asked for was to just replace the 2nd leaf with...
  18. Dusty-NZ

    Building your own canopy/camper.

    My challenge with the truck is getting the compromise between loaded and empty working well for me . The camper is generally only on during the summer months. When the deck is empty , I don't need either the overload springs or the sway bar , or for that matter the E load range tyres either . So...
  19. Dusty-NZ

    Building your own canopy/camper.

    Although the camper sleeps 2 people (the table folds down for the 2nd bed) , I only ever use it for myself.