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  1. jcbrandon

    NEW Honda - NC700X

    I got to spend a week with the NC700X recently. I really like it. Honda and Cycle World Magazine put together something called the Cycle World Adventure Challenge. They invited four average-joe type riders to Southern California and had us ride the new bike on a lot of different sorts of roads...
  2. jcbrandon

    Commercially Available Trailer Options???

    Another option is Sierra 4x4 Trailers: I've spent a fair amount of time in their shop and I like what I see.
  3. jcbrandon

    One Lucky Guy Takes two Beautiful Females to the Eastern Sierra

    Fantastic. Thanks for the great pictures. The Eastern Sierra is one of the most beautiful places in the US.
  4. jcbrandon

    Power Wagon: Video, Pictures and Love

    Thanks for this. I hadn't been over to the Dodge Talk forum in quite some time. Just spent about an hour there researching this and some other issues. Good information.
  5. jcbrandon

    Power Wagon: Video, Pictures and Love

    Thanks for the heads up. What exactly failed? Just the connector? A whole wiring harness? Got any photos? It would be great if you could show us what you found and how you solved the problem. Any help much appreciated.
  6. jcbrandon

    Douglas County, Nevada, Conservation Bill Open Houses

    Thanks for the kind words, Jeff. The community open houses have been very successful. Good turnout at all of them. And folks from all of the various interest groups seem to be involved in the process and are getting their concerns addressed. I've seen a couple of people arrive at one of the...
  7. jcbrandon

    Deep snow over night

    If the bed of the truck is open and a foot of snow falls overnight you will have several hundred pounds of additional weight right over the rear wheels when you need it. In my experience, a foot of freshies doesn't require any extra prep or work to get rolling. Can you engage your...
  8. jcbrandon

    Douglas County, Nevada, Conservation Bill Open Houses

    Our scouting trip yesterday to the Burbank Canyons Wilderness Study Area was a great success. A fantastic day in the backcountry with some good friends. One of our goals was to investigate and map some potential "cherry-stem" roads. Two in particular were very difficult to understand without...
  9. jcbrandon

    Douglas County, Nevada, Conservation Bill Open Houses

    Douglas County, Nevada is holding a series of five public open house meetings regarding a proposed congressional conservation bill. The bill will affect many parcels of land in the county that are currently managed by various federal agencies. One of the areas in the bill is the Burbank Canyons...
  10. jcbrandon

    Thinking about a Power Wagon

    Possibly. After putting more than 65,000 miles on my '07, I think one of its best features is the cab-operated front sway bar disconnect. It doesn't sound like much compared to the lockers, and the winch, and all the other Power Wagon goodness. But once on the trail it makes a huge difference in...
  11. jcbrandon

    It's official - ADV bikes are trendy

    So what? So the New York Times says most of the people who buy big adventure bikes don't ride them to Ushuaia and maybe don't even get them dirty. How does that affect you, personally? Do you get your bike dirty? Then the writer wasn't talking about you. If you never leave the pavement, why are...
  12. jcbrandon

    Thinking about a Power Wagon

    You've pretty much got two choices: The current version, or the earlier version. The Power Wagon was reintroduced in 2005 and stayed the same until the current version came out in the 2010 model year. The 2010 to current is a bit longer and the rear doors are bigger. On the 2005-2009 version...
  13. jcbrandon

    Adventure Trailers Vs. Sierra 4x4 trailers

    I can't tell you what you should spend your money on. I can tell you that both products are designed and built by guys who use the products themselves and would probably be making them even if it weren't their jobs. I know the owners of both companies and have spent time in each of their shops...
  14. jcbrandon

    Old school stove found . . . .

    Nice find. My regular camp stove is just about identical, though showing a much deeper "patina." I was cooking on it at the 2008 Expedition Trophy. Roseann Hanson noticed and said, "You know, a lot of people are starting to use the vintage gear." I didn't know it was vintage. I've been using it...
  15. jcbrandon

    Public relations opportunity re: modified trucks

    This came across my desk a few minutes ago. The deadline to respond is 7PM Eastern Time, tomorrow, June 21: The writer is Mark Vallet of You can respond to his query via email to: This is an interesting opportunity. The writer states that he will...
  16. jcbrandon

    Nevada Overland - Rhyolite to Tonopah/Lunar Crater and Area51

    Great trip report, Dave. Thank you. A lot of us who live in Nevada are torn between promoting it for awesome adventures such as yours and keeping quiet so that it stays uncrowded. Either way, your photos and story are great. Thanks for taking the time to put it together.
  17. jcbrandon

    Why Tread Lightly!...?

    Welcome to the Expedition Portal. Great to see Tread Lightly here and contributing to the conversation. And thanks for everything you do out there in the real world.
  18. jcbrandon

    NORRA Mexican 1000 2011 - Mexicali to El Progresso and back!

    Sweet! Looks like an awesome time.
  19. jcbrandon

    Dodge full size with dual batt?

    There's plenty of room with the inline Cummins. The hemi presents the problem. I haven't yet tried it, but I did check the mesaurements and I think it is possible to install two of the Odyssey/Diehard Platinum batteries in the same location as the big stock Mopar single battery. Probably need...