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    Help! 1999 7.3L Tranny Options

    Hey y'all. I have a '99 7.3 4X4. It's a SK 4x4 conversion with all Ujoint steering and suspension. It's a Sporty so it's heavy, around 10k lbs but the gearing was altered to handle everything (can't remember to what. Something.10) I've never been happy with the transmission on my van. It falls...
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    Why won't my 7.3 start without starter fluid at altitude?

    Hey y'all. Just wondering if anyone can shed light on this. For quite a while our '99 7.3 van has a hard time starting at altitude, in the cold, and obviously those two go hand in hand. Anything above 5000' and I better bring some starter fluid with me. She'll start up okay in the middle of the...