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    Opinions Wanted

    Hello, I'm not sure this is the best place to ask this question, but here goes anyway. I'm considering changing my camping setup from ground tents to something else. I camp alone about half the time, and the other half the time I have my kids with me. When everyone is along there are 5 of us...
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    2017 Tacoma Suspension Questions

    Hello, I have some questions and need your feedback! Heres where I am with my 2017 Tacoma Offroad OME 888 Coils Bilstein 5100 Shocks on the bottom setting SPC UCA Cooper Discover STT Pro 285/70/17 SCS Wheels 17/8 4.3" backspace -10mm offset Dakar heavy duty leaf pack Extended Bilstein 5100...
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    2014 Cummins

    Been working on getting my new rig more capable. So far I've added a Leer camper and a Carli Backcountry suspension. I'm ready for some fall weather and off pavement travel!
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    New Utility Trailer Build

    I have wished for a trailer to chase my jeep for a long time. I have weighed the advantages and disadvantages of all sorts of trailers. I finally made up my mind to buy something that I could modify to my liking. I bought a 5X8 landscaping/utility trailer with a 3500 lb axle and 15 tires. It's...
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    Wheelin in the Snow

    Got to hit some trails after Christmas. It was beautiful with the snow, which is uncommon for my neck of the woods.
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    Wanted Shell for 08 Silverado

    :coffee:I'm looking for a camper shell for my 08 Silverado with 5'8" bed. Thanks
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    Camper Shell for 2008 Silverado

    This is a longshot but figured I'd ask anyway. I'm looking for a camper shell for my 2008 Chevy Silverado 5'8" bed. My preferences are black in color, Leer or A.R.E. brand and would love to have the windoors and removable front glass. Thanks
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    08 Silverado Suspension Decision

    I have a question for you guys. I currently run a daystar leveling block on my 08 Silverado 1500 4wd. I have been eyeing the rough country 3.5" suspension kit in order to get a few extra needed inches of lift. The kit has two options. Option 1: 3.5" coil spacers without new upper control...
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    Can-Back Pictures

    Hey guys, I have been thinking about putting a can-back on my truck. I have seen quiet a few pictures of them on tacomas and what not. I'm looking to see if anyone out there can post a picture of a can-back on a 2008 Chevy. I am a visual guy and it would be great to see one on a new chevy.
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    Dedicated slot for Hi Lift tongue

    I was watching a video on youtube today about Hi Lift use. The video showed an Australian guy demonstrating the uses of the jack. The bull bumper on his rig had a dedicated slot cut into it for the Hi Lift tongue to fit into. I was wondering if any of you knew which if any American made...
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    08 Silverado Ideas

    Hello! First off I have really enjoyed browsing this forum! I truly think the good Lord intended for me to experience this great country in the fashion depicted on this website! As for my "rig" I have a 08 Silverado crew cab 4wd. I have only done a few minor modifications thus far. Front...