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  1. denton57

    My 2016 Jeep JKU Build - "Summer Lofn"

    What wheels are those? Looking forward to pics on the Jeep
  2. denton57

    My 2004 LJ Unlimited's Journey and time for a refresh

    What top is that?
  3. denton57

    Jeep Blown oil cooler in Moab - Suggestions

    It’s a miracle the UPS guy searched for and found that package! Above and beyond his required job duties I’m pretty sure.
  4. denton57

    Post Pic's of your Jeep

    New member here. 2015 JKUR. Lots of mods, and more to come. Gobi stealth has been on order for 8 weeks. Tepui Autana 3 RTT waiting in the garage for the rack! After a driveshaft upgrade, I’m going to focus on a kitchen and ARB fridge set up. And dual battery...and...
  5. denton57

    JKUR OME 2619/2620 coils

    They are definitely for sale
  6. denton57

    JKUR OME 2619/2620 coils

    Not the best comparison pic as I should have taken a before pic this morning, but this is what the new springs (and front spacer) resulted in: Before: After:
  7. denton57

    JKUR OME 2619/2620 coils

    Yeah I’m happy with it. When I start adding the weight of the roof rack, etc., it will level out I’m sure
  8. denton57

    JKUR OME 2619/2620 coils

    Installed OME springs. I netted 7/8” inch both front and back from the AEV springs with the added spacer up front. So now I am right at 3” of lift. Looks like the rear is sitting higher than the front, so I’m going to remeasure after driving it a little bit. Definitely wish I would have...
  9. denton57

    JKUR OME 2619/2620 coils

    So just measured.. I am 2” all the way around with the AEV coils. I’m thinking about the OME coils with a 3/4” spacer on the front 2619’s. I’m guessing the rear 2620 will be in the 3” range once installed and with the spacer, the 2619 will net 2 3/4.
  10. denton57

    JKUR OME 2619/2620 coils

    Awesome and thanks for your help.
  11. denton57

    JKUR OME 2619/2620 coils

    So on the front coil, the measurement from perch to tower is 9 3/8” on a stock JK. I am assuming a 4 door Rubicon would be closer to + .47 inch, or 9 7/8”? Just trying to get an idea of where I started when stock.
  12. denton57

    JKUR OME 2619/2620 coils

    Good stuff right there. I’ve never seen that diagram. I’ll measure my current set up and compare with the stock measurements and see where I’m at with the AEV coils now. One concern with the OME is the rear will shoot up to 3”+ since it doesn’t have a huge amount of weight on it and the front...
  13. denton57

    JKUR OME 2619/2620 coils

    I have a 2015 JKUR that currently has an AEV 2.5 DS lift. I have started adding weight due to mods over the past year (ARB bumpers front and rear, Warn XD9i, steel oil and trans skid, gas skid, TeraFlex tire carrier with hilift mount, etc) and I am adding more with a Gobi Stealth, part time...
  14. denton57

    JKU suspension upgrade needed - Opinions Welcome

    Great thread and perfect timing or me right now. I have the AEV DS 2.5”, and have added (and will add) a lot of weight and was thinking about coil or a new lift. Right now I have ARB bumpers front and rear, Warn 9000i winch, steel skids, TeraFlex tire carrier, and 315’s. I have a Gobi stealth...
  15. denton57

    Captain Texas Anvil JKU build

    First post, and I read the whole thread. I had to laugh some as it seems like there’s a lot of worrying going on! Then I think of myself and if I had posted my Jeep buildup over the past 2.5 years, it would probably have came across the same. I have a similar build. I bought a stock 2015...