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  1. p1michaud

    NB Expedition Challenge 2017

    We competed in this event in 2017. It was a great time and met some interesting folks along the way.
  2. p1michaud

    Kimberly Kruiser

    I actually saw this vehicle up in Cape York, QLD Australia back July 2012. It looked quite at home travelling the remote roads of Australia.
  3. p1michaud

    Jeep J8 vs Defender 110 vs Mercedes G-Wagen vs Nissan Patrol Y61 vs Land Cruiser 76

    I'm biased due to past ownership and lack of direct "behind the wheel time" with the other models so that makes my vote biased, but I can live with that. If I'd be travelling to all continents, I'd have to say a HZJ76 due to good mix of capability, capacity, durability and reliability. Add...
  4. p1michaud

    What size propane tank?

    History repeats itself. Funny how some things come full circle. I searched ExPo before posting a question and found I had already posted the same question almost exactly 7 years earlier! :Wow1: I had to get a replacement tank for the Partner Steel stove as my old one went missing during one...
  5. p1michaud

    The Land of Aus - Australia E7 Trip Report

    Good question. I do know of a couple LandCruisers that are set up and ready for adventure only catch is their owners would be coming along for the ride!
  6. p1michaud

    The Land of Aus - Australia E7 Trip Report

    Missed this earlier but heck yeah! I've done Cape York but it's a beautiful part of Oz. Went close to Darwin but kept driving West due to time but lots to see in that area. There is one spot up there that would be cool to get in, limited permits per year, remote, beautiful and deadly due to...
  7. p1michaud

    My new 79 Series Dualcab

    Just love these Utes. The V8 is just icing on the cake!
  8. p1michaud

    2013 Toyota 4Runner, Equipt Edition Build

    Paul, We've just picked up a 2015 4R TE. This build is giving me too many ideas... I'll be curious to see how it compares to the old 100 Series as well. Cheers, P
  9. p1michaud

    The Land of Aus - Australia E7 Trip Report

    I would in a heart beat. There are quite a few epic tracks that i never crossed off the "4WD to do" list. Tell me when...
  10. p1michaud

    CruiserFest 2014 - Thanks for a great event!

    Only from Eastern Canada. I got an offer I could not refuse. Had a great time thanks to the Cruiser Outfitters crew as well as others we met along the way. Adam great pictures of the event.
  11. p1michaud

    The Land of Aus - Australia E7 Trip Report

    Fitting end to an epic Australian segment trip report. Australia is a place that will remain close to my heart.
  12. p1michaud

    CruiserFest 2014 - Thanks for a great event!

    What a great event and picturesque state. But above all the people I met both on the trail ride and at the event are what will stay with me from this trip. We saw some beautiful array of scenery that Utah has to offer thanks to one knowledgeable and all around cool dude, Kurt our trail leader...
  13. p1michaud

    The Land of Aus - Australia E7 Trip Report

    Just an amazing journey!
  14. p1michaud

    The Land of Aus - Australia E7 Trip Report

    Geat report so far. ARB Coopers Plains is one of the best stores in Australia and Mark ensures everyone is taken care of.
  15. p1michaud

    Cape York - The Australian Adventure

    Great area of Australia. We were up there in July 2012. Nice trip report so far.
  16. p1michaud

    2013 Toyota 4Runner, Equipt Edition Build

    Used HEMA products HN6 on our recent travels in Australia, my wife and I both called it the wedding saver...
  17. p1michaud

    Expeditions 7: Two Years Around the World on all Seven Continents.

    So they were able to work their magic to keep them in the USA as museum pieces. A fitting end to such great machines...
  18. p1michaud

    The "Hot Lap" Exploring Australia

    Well, life has a way of throwing curve balls at you when you least expect it. We've seen some country but our plans have changed. I do promise to add more photos and updates to this thread as time permits. :sombrero: Cheers, P
  19. p1michaud

    Equipt's Alaska Solo Trek June/July 2014

    Thanks for capturing and sharing the adventure...
  20. p1michaud

    Driver required Simpson Desert leaving 15th July

    Callum, How long is the trip planned for? Was looking at tackling the Simpson around that time but did not have any travel partners lined up due to last minute nature if the plan... Cheers, Pierre