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    2016 Regular Cab Silverado 4X4

    Interesting... I put one in my cart and there didn’t appear to be any issues shipping to my BC address. Got right to the point of payment and backed out I wasn’t %100 convncied by the oz tent so I didn’t complete the transaction
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    2016 Regular Cab Silverado 4X4

    Bass Pro carries the OZ tents and has free shipping on them... think there's even a store in Calgary now
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    235/85/16? Let's see them

    235/85/16 cooper s/t maxx on an 08 ranger
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    '10 Tundra CrewMax

    transfer flow is 46 Gallons
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    2001 Ford Ranger Build Thread

    Coil over conversion will take care of those low hanging and rough riding T-bars. Getting rid of the T-bars was the best mod I ever made to my ranger and I made plenty of mods :) Truck's looking good
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    Inuvik, eventually. . . and then I'll just wander around.

    Quesnel forks was awesome when we visited a couple of years ago.. and if you get the mist/fog coming off the river it's downright old school spooky. It's beautiful country where you're headed...Enjoy the journey!
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    WANTED: Four Wheel FINCH Camper

    Not mine and I don't know anything about it..but since you asked
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    2001 Ford Ranger Build Thread

    Truck looks great. I loved the traction those tires had when I ran them on my ranger
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    TundraBirds Go! Picture Thread for Tundras and T-100s

    Great looking set up. More pics and details please!
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    Big Blue '15 Crewmax build

    Nice set up! The 2nd gen Tundra's are great exploration tools
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    2001 Ford Ranger Build Thread

    Truck looks good! I ran 265/75/16 BFG Ko's on my 08 ranger when it had a slight torsion bar tweak and had no rubbing issues. Also tried a 235/85/16 cooper st/maxx after the BFG's got down to 50%. Loved the st/maxx performance on the ranger but wasn't overly crazy about the appearance of the...
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    Second Battery 2012 Tundra double cab trouble

    Can't answer your question about mounting under the truck. On my 08 I mounted my second battery in a different fashion since I don't run it full time.
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    Ursa Minor Pop-Top Jeep JK

    ^Nice looking set up
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    Calling all Ford Rangers!

    Sorry my reading comprehension isn't what it used to be... but it looked like you were implying that an 03 couldn't have 31 spline axles from the factory...only some type of "late model variant"
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    Calling all Ford Rangers!

    Actually 31 spline axles were available on 2002 and up fx4 rangers.. and an axle swap in an 8.8 rear is not exactly rocket science. If he's considering a SFA swap and is unfamiliar with the ranger after market why wouldn't he ask about a pre-fab kit? Articulation is a reason to swap out the junk...
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    Calling all Ford Rangers!

    Negative to what? the 8.8 is an easy axle build and 31 spline axles aren't exactly like hens teeth. Not trying to be an *** but the Op is talking about an SFA swap, wouldn't think building out an 8.8 would be an obstacle. There's nothing crazy about an SFA swap on a ranger..Most that build an...
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    Calling all Ford Rangers!

    Rear locker's no problem and the 8.8 is a solid foundation to build on. There's only the torsen LSD for the front IFS and the SFA swaps are pretty well DIY projects. There are a number of Rangers out there that have been swapped so the information is available, but to my knowledge there's no...
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    Which truck or SUV for a short road trip?

    It just didn't feel BIG, they are BIG and it's really the only issue I have with my 08 Tundra, built and sized like a tank.