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    Rivian announces all-electric 7-seater SUV w/ up to 700 HP and 410 miles of range

    I don't own an electric vehicle but this is my understanding....that Tesla Model S/X you saw probably had free Supercharging (included in vehicle purchase price). Free supercharging is no longer a perk but the cost will still be much cheaper than gas/diesel. You can typically get 80% charge in...
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    Landcruiser Axle Weight Capacity

    Pulled off the web... FZJ80 Front 3305 lbs Rear 3970 lbs
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    Tent Bed Options for Sleeping Together

    We have (3) Megamat 10's for about 7 years now. I also have two kids. No problems with waking up on the ground. However, one mat blew out a 1" section at the outer seam. No patch was needed. Sealed it up with the included repair kit and has worked as new for maybe 3 years now.
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    OzTent Owners, Carry Bag Question

    Thanks, it looks like you might have the Thule Pulse Medium? The Pulse Alpine looks a bit lower profile?
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    Multi-tool with wine opener/corkscrew

    I have the Leatherman Juice C2 and recommend it. Has just the right amount of tools without all the bulkiness and so fits comfortably in your pocket. Corkscrew works fine. I'm always afraid I might chip the bottle with the portion circled below.... but it has never happened.
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    OzTent Owners, Carry Bag Question

    I casually keep an eye out for used rooftop cargo boxes. The heck with the case, I'd just throw it in the box. No more strapping down. This one might be able to accommodate an RV-5 (Packed Size: 79"(L) × 15"(W) × 11"(H)) Thule Alpine Pulse External dimensions 88.5 x 25.5 x 12.5 in Internal...
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    Partner stove mod.. piezo ignition

    Looks good! I would consider adding a heat shield or heat wrap over ignitor housing.
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    Dometic using AC power?

    The CF series came in two versions, the AC/DC and the DC only (CF-40DC). I kinda prefer the DC version as it keeps the converter outside for more airspace/cooling. Easier to troubleshoot.
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    OPINION: Single or dual ARB compressor

    @Ducky's Dad, You can't really come to a conclusion by comparing the sheer # of REPAIRS without also comparing the # of SALES. ARB's literature rates the single at 50% duty cycle and the twin at 100% duty cycle (tested at the same ambient temp). The article you referenced said the twin ran...
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    Project Vandal

    Bumpers turned out great!
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    285/75R18 AT tires: A good choice for expedition-travel, domestic full-size trucks?

    I've gone through a couple sets of 285/75R18 now and will continue to buy them for my 100 series. The size is starting to get popular. I'm hoping more will get on board so that I have more choices. I've compiled a list to help you =) : Toyo MT, AT-II, RT Nitto Ridge Grappler, Terra Grappler G2...
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    OPINION: Single or dual ARB compressor

    Would be interesting to test the two... as the Twin compressor has a cooling fan and would be running half as long as the single.
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    Camp Chef Mountaineer Stove

    The dimensions make it less than optimal for me but I do like the Piezo igniter. Mountaineer: Closed Dimensions: 25.25" x 13.75 " x 5.25" Cook Partner 22" Width: 22” Length: 12” Height: 3 ¾” (closed)
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    WTS: 1990 HZJ77 Toyota LandCruiser

    It's definitely possible. There are many JDM diesel imports with CA plates.
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    2017 4runner v 2017 Landcruiser

    Here's that 900km article... 186K miles between "rebores" might not sound that impressive today but this article was written 25 years ago. I don't know what is meant by "service life" but as far as 25 years.... here...
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    2017 4runner v 2017 Landcruiser

    The "F" in A442F is for Four Wheel Drive. The Coaster is RWD. You can compare the internals of both if you would like. A442E RWD A442F 4WD Here's a Coaster...
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    2017 4runner v 2017 Landcruiser

    I can't say I'm a fanboy but rather a long time enthusiast. I would certainly love to own a Y61 Patrol or G-wagen... even a LWB Samurai. A Ford F250 or PowerWagon would be great too if I needed a larger truck. Anyway, I can answer some of those questions.... The early FZJ80 had an A442F...
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    2017 4runner v 2017 Landcruiser

    I would say most of the folks that are over GVWR are because of off-road gear like bumpers, sliders, oversized tires, winch, tools, recovery gear and spare parts. That could add 5-700 lbs, easily. If you stick to fire roads and such, you could save a lot of weight.
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    New to Cruisers-Family Friendly?

    I'll let you folks hash out the child safety. But I will say body on frame SUV's offer little in the way of crush zones. How many airbags is irrelevant for newborns that sits in the 2nd row, middle seat. When I look at accidents with 60,70 and 80's... I see the weak point being the "A" and "C"...
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    Suggest a single burner propane stove?

    Try calling Partner Steel directly, they've accommodated special requests for me in the past. Half a stove should be no problem.