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  1. WOODY2

    It's cool to be lucky it's cooler to have a Jeep

    Hey no problem, it's only your pan, transfer and driveline? What could go wrong?
  2. WOODY2

    The Elon Musk "Love Will Keep Us Together" Appreciation Thread

    If he was doing it right people that shelled out 50 or 100k wouldn't have to wait perhaps hrs for recharge. I call BS on the pic, there are numerous open slots to charge and the sheep prefer to wait in line, oh wait that's a time honored Costco issue.
  3. WOODY2

    265/75/15 availability

    I would replace them but strap the best 2 onto your rig for spares for the spare. If they become cumbersome I'm sure some local would love your castoffs.
  4. WOODY2

    First post asking advice

    Perhaps base lining your fluids, check brake pads &rotors?
  5. WOODY2

    WTB: Jerry can mount for bedrack on the side like rotopax.

    Thank you Sir, mucho eye candy.
  6. WOODY2

    Advice needed for auxillary switches on my ram 3500

    S-POD or one of the many like it. Simplifies installation and adding on or changing accessories.
  7. WOODY2

    Interested in your 813204 ARB room how much are you asking?

    Interested in your 813204 ARB room how much are you asking?
  8. WOODY2

    removal of auxiliary lamps

    But then you may resemble Mickey Mouse? :)
  9. WOODY2

    Tesla Cybertruck: The Future?

    Not me, I took my $100 and bought more ammo. (y)
  10. WOODY2

    removal of auxiliary lamps

    You would be better served by taking the time to trace those wires back to their power source and severing at those connections. Total wire removal doesn't have to occur. You then could snip the wires as you suggested. Best not to leave long runs of capped powered wires IMHO.
  11. WOODY2

    Higher CG Concerns With Flat Beds?!

    Anchoring it to the base isn't going to really change the vertical CG. That is a static figure of the amount of weight and it's vertical location.
  12. WOODY2

    Tesla Pick up reveal tonight at 8pm. Post your thoughts here...

    There are rumors that AOC was in on this new order.
  13. WOODY2

    What size fuse block and how many different connections?

    For what it's worth I would suggest using their 12 circuit model. Better to over build/plan than do the add-on afterward, which by the way always seems to need modification as time goes by.
  14. WOODY2

    Exploring the Grand Canyon, Lake Powell, Bears Ears and more! (Oct 2018)

    Outstanding adventure report, probably the best I've read. The after report is especially welcome and it's easy to lose the details. Thank you very much.
  15. WOODY2

    Help diagnosing a battery

    Simply being tight isn't the solution, connections must be shiny clean as well. I have seen issues where there was significant corrosion and terminals were cleaned but the issue was in the cable just adjacent to lug, ie: out of sight. Temporarily isolating the Genesis will tell you a lot.
  16. WOODY2

    Help diagnosing a battery

    "The other end" is one of the most overlooked connections.
  17. WOODY2

    Help diagnosing a battery

    Ground issue
  18. WOODY2

    Zam15’s Tacoma Build

    I was pointing to the bolt head in the Scepter mount, it doesn't look like a rivet? It can be seen thru the shovel handle.
  19. WOODY2

    Zam15’s Tacoma Build

    Leave it open because just as soon as you hard mount something a new-can't-do-without product will appear. You might also keep an eye on the screw/bolt head that appears thru the shovel head, it may wear a hole in your MWC?
  20. WOODY2

    Zam15’s Tacoma Build

    Just a tip make a couple of copies of the key. Don't ask me how I know this. 😂