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  1. Rallyroo

    FS: Various Bags + Misc

    Los Angeles, CA area PorterCase $50 + shipping Case converts to dolly that can carry 150 lbs SEMA Rolling Backpack $20 each + shipping SealLine Pro Pack 115L waterproof pack $100 + shipping Canon Camera Bag w/Accessories - New, never used camera cozy, filter bag, SD memory card bag...
  2. Rallyroo

    Garage Cleaning - Cases/Bags & Misc

    Los Angeles, CA area Shipping extra. Black & Decker Workmate 200 $25 Gitzo G1564 Monopod $75 4 section aluminum Max Ht 63.4" (161.0 cm) Folded Length 22.8" (58.0 cm) 17.5 lbs capacity Slik Mini Pro III Tripod SOLD $15 SOLD max ht 8.6" (220mm) min ht 7.9" (200mm) 3 lb capacity Porter...
  3. Rallyroo

    Link to my thread: Kayaked on the L.A. River this Weekend

    I didn't want to double post, so I'm posting a link to my thread in the Completed Adventures Section.
  4. Rallyroo

    Kayaked on the L.A. River this Weekend

    Sat, Jul 21st was the first day of the season that will allow a total of 2,000 participants to legally kayak on the L.A. River (Los Angeles River) for 2012. When the pilot program started in 2011, it was limited to just 290 participants. With strong interest from people, I hope the program can...
  5. Rallyroo

    New Defender Ad Campaign

    I wish my passport stamps look like this... (no signs of Defenders coming back to the US market yet though) A very creative Land Rover Defender advertisement.
  6. Rallyroo

    Spring Cleaning

    Los Angeles, California Area Superwinch EPi9.0 - Brand New 21/64" x 125' Wire Rope w/remote $575 (representative photo) Astron RS-35M Power Supply DC 13.8V 35A w/meters $100 Surefire 9P - 105 lumen $55 Surefire P91 - 9V 200 lumen bulb module $10 Vivitar 285HV - $60 Wein Peanut - $10...
  7. Rallyroo

    Hella 4000: Free Form vs Euro Beam

    I'm familiar with the Hella 4000 Euro beams; I had a pair of them on my previous truck. But what about the new Hella 4000 FF (Free Form)? I can't seem to find info on the beam pattern for the Free Form model. I do notice that the glass on the Free Form is clear whereas the Euro has the...
  8. Rallyroo

    Four Days in Death Valley

    I see the light Father and son riding two up on a dual sport, KLR650. I guess they didn't make it out of Death Valley. On another note, I hope the couple that I helped made it out safely after I helped jump start their car.
  9. Rallyroo

    80 Series: front bumper, springs, sunroof wind deflector

    80 Series: front bumper, 3rd row seats Los Angeles area Parts came off my 1994 FZJ80 stock front bumper (has rock chips) - $50 third row seats in that bluish-gray cloth (includes the seat belts which are not in the photos) - $75 SOLD stock springs (set of 4) - $75 SOLD Toyota sunroof...
  10. Rallyroo

    Back from Pismo: beach and sand dunes

    Excuse the annoying speck of sand on the sensor. On the beach Playing in the sand