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  1. 1Louder

    Sold Pending Funds - 2017 VRV Flyer - Phoenix, AZ - $7800

    Sold Pending Funds - 2017 VRV Flyer Teardrop Trailer: XXXX This is the perfect small family trailer for someone who likes to camp off of forest roads and do light off-roading with a trailer. Trailer has a 7 pin connector with electric brakes. With the included awning and room you can sleep 4...
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    VRV Flyer Teardrop and DIY Build Thread

    Here's a quick intro to our new trailer. I was going to wait to purchase one but a good deal came up and I decided to take advantage of it. I recently sold my Turtleback trailer. Great trailer, no complaints, we are building a new home and selling that trailer helped pay some bills. I have...
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    FS: 2017 Turtleback Expedition Trailer (AZ)

    Sold Pending Funds
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    New version of Gaia GPS released

    This is a completely new application written from the ground up. iOS only for now. Android development will start soon. One of the best new features is the National Geographic map layer. This map layer is available to pro subscribers on either platform. App speed has been improved and new...
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    Custom Maps for Gaia GPS

    Not sure how many of you are aware of this feature but you can import custom maps into Gaia GPS via a tool they provide. I wrote a basic tutorial on how to do this using Google Maps as the example. This is a very powerful tool. One that I am trying to take to the next level by importing all of...
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    SOLD - Expedition Trailer with RTT - Phoenix, AZ - SOLD

    SOLD I am selling because I have a unique opportunity for an upgrade. Trailer is based off of a M116A3 Military trailer platform and has been heavily modified to become a great offroad/overlanding trailer. It has been used on the following trips in the 15 months since its completion: Utah...
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    New Weather Feature for InReach Explorer

    Delorme just pushed out a nice update to the InReach. For the cost of a message from your message plan you can get fairly detailed weather at your location. You can also specify other areas. Not needed when you have phone service but nice to have when you don't and you might see the weather...
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    PM-1 Warranty Issues

    First off THANK YOU to all that have responded to countless questions about this battery. I don't like starting new threads but I deem this a specific issue and thought it would be useful for folks to share information. If you have charging issue questions, etc look at the other threads. When I...
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    Phoenix Area - FJ Cruiser OEM Roof Rack $125

    You can buy the rack and get 4 free crossbars or you can buy the cross bars and get a free roof rack! Off of my 2011 FJ Cruiser. This rack has 56,000 miles on it. It's been to CO, UT, all over AZ, Baja, and maybe some other places prior to me owning the FJ. Put it on your FJ, go camping and...
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    Cool USB Powered Rope Lighting - Luminoodle

    I just missed out on the Kickstarter campaign. It closed while I was trying to become a backer. These are very nice USB powered water-proof rope lights. All you need is a small power pack or plug into your vehicle. I have at least 3 battery packs (Cheap phone power box from Monoprice, fancy...
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    Anyone own this 270 degree awning sold on eBay?

    I posted this in the Camping Equipment forum but have deleted that thread. One response was received from an owner with a similar but not exact model who gave it a good review for the money. Awning Camping Geo Adventure Gear Manta Awning GAM-250 $265.00...
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    Dual Battery Shore Power Charging Question

    I have the National Luna setup in my FJ. If I hook up a charger to the main battery the National Luna sees the charge and then distributes the charge to both batteries. 1. Is this a bad thing other than the charging process taking a lot longer? 2. Is there an easy way to prevent this...
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    DIY Portable Solar Controller Box/Setup

    I wanted to have the ability to move my panel from my trailer to my vehicle and be able to share it with others if needed. My trailer has a dedicated controller so this setup is really for my vehicle. I built a small dry box setup that has the controller inside and SAE ports for the panel and...
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    M116A3 Trailer Build Takeover

    I am taking over this build, . There are lots of great photos of what work Rob did to the trailer prior to my purchase. He did an excellent job and I am hoping to work with him for additional fabrication help. I am...
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    M416 With Replacement Lights Wiring Question

    I have read through all of the great info on here and I would like to solicit some of your opinions. My friend and I just purchased an M416 trailer with replacement lights on it. They are wired to a 7 blade connector, (6 blades with center plug) I have to put an adapter on this for my FJ which...