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  1. Crazy Schooner

    Review: Free Spirit Recreation M60 Adventure Series Roof Top Tent

    The whole setup in the review is also for sale. In case anyone was wondering about getting something similar.
  2. Crazy Schooner

    Roofnest Falcon versus GFC RTT

    GFC has a forum. If I find the link, i'll post it here. I highly suggest going through the issues people are having. Then deciding whether they are something you can tolerate/deal with fixing if the issue arises.
  3. Crazy Schooner

    Random Scenic Shots

    Some pictures from a quick road trip from Edmonton, to Vancouver Island and back to Alberta through the states.
  4. Crazy Schooner

    Two Provinces - Three States - Quick Round Trip

    Next day we took off to go sight seeing. We were going to hit up Tolfino but saw it was raining on that side of the island, and decided against it. Plus it was more a tourist stop because of a beach, meh. We drove off towards Ladysmith and checked out the Antique stores for a bit, and then...
  5. Crazy Schooner

    Two Provinces - Three States - Quick Round Trip

    Randomly took five days off work with the girlfriend and we went on an unplanned road trip out west from Edmonton. I picked up a used canopy that afternoon before we took off, just in case we needed to stealth camp. I also brought out a Gazelle T4 for the nights we found a camping spot. We...
  6. Crazy Schooner

    2020 Defender Spy Shots....

    Looks like a modern day Honda Element in a way. I still like the way it looks though. Hopefully it's as The Fabolous Thunderbird would say "Tuff Enuff"
  7. Crazy Schooner

    Lets see some full size pictures...

    I don't want to start a build thread on this truck as I make too many changes all the time. It gets chaotic. I get tons of dirty looks from people depending on where I go, that or the usual stuff; rtt on a lowered truck? "aggressive" looking all terrains on a lowered truck? lowered 4x4? Why are...
  8. Crazy Schooner

    Used RTT's - what to look for?

    Check the fabric for any mould or water damage/staining. Try out all the zippers and make sure they work, and don't pop off their tracks. Check the base fabric around the bottom where the zipper goes around to zip up the cover for fraying/signs of the zipper getting caught. The ruggedized have...
  9. Crazy Schooner

    Lets see some full size pictures...

    I made sure to cover my bed to avoid such things haha
  10. Crazy Schooner

    Lets see some full size pictures...

    It's running a belltech 3/6 drop (originally had a 4/6). Z71 4X4 with the 5.3L V8. I find 90% of the time I'm camping with friends or with a group and they end up in a spot where a stock truck can drive. Might as well make a simple trip more challenging 🤣
  11. Crazy Schooner

    Automhome Columbus Variant - Review

    I recently picked up an Autohome Columbus built in 2008 and the bug screens are zippered shut (minus the bottom due to flap). I sold an Autohome a couple years ago and had the velcro'd bug screens, so it must have been built a few years earlier. At the time I was told it was newer, but looks...
  12. Crazy Schooner

    Lets see some full size pictures...

    Meh, it's just plastic.
  13. Crazy Schooner

    Lets see some full size pictures...

    Picked up the bed rack I had buddy build for the Autohome Columbus. I'm pretty stoked with the outcome overall. I just have to get rid of the white with some vinyl down the road. Nice cruiser/casual camper 4x4 rig that still gets 23-25mpg on the highway. You can't see it but I have a decked...
  14. Crazy Schooner

    Build Thread: Pachyderm, or "Pac", a 2017 GMC Canyon

    Cool to see your also in Edmonton. I could have pointed you to a great local aluminum welder that built a rack for my older Silverado for a really nice price. If your interested in saving some cash on shipping/currency exchange I have some leftovers from my ZR2. Datin Metal shock skidz and...
  15. Crazy Schooner

    Tepui Low Pro 7"

    Barely any decent shots of the tent closed on the truck. The stock images are terrible for showing height and this review wasn't very helpful for giving a better perspective. In my mind they missed the point of the tent and just put out a generic RTT review. This tent is expensive (on CDN...
  16. Crazy Schooner

    Lets see some full size pictures...

    Yeppers. Once you drive past the 11 bridges you reach the Saloon