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    Special LR3 Lug Nuts? Whaaaaa...?

    Now, I'm not a Landy guy myself, but a good friend here at work has an LR3. I know they like to do things a bit... differently over there on the other side of the pond, but he hit me up with a real head scratcher: Evidently, his mechanic told him that the LR3 needs some sort of special lug nut...
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    OEM/Stock FJ45 Crewcab?!?

    It may have been posted before, but I didn't see anything. Putzing around, I came a cross this: Now, I'm not even going to try to claim knowledge of unusual cruiser models, but even I know that this is one VERY rare setup. Price tag is through the roof ($125K), but... The entire thing...
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    $100 roof rack (gutter mounts included) = worth it?

    In looking for roof baskets, I came across this. Anyone know anything about it? Looks like a good deal for the price, but wanted to check out what you guys had to say first.
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    WTB - Fzj80

    Yup, looking for an 80. I'd prefer a 95~97, but could go for a lower mileage 93~94. I'm in the DC area, so I'd be happy to drive out an see anything in MD, DC, VA or NC. Heck, if you've got a nice truck, I'll head down to NC, WV, etc. I really don't care about leather vs cloth, so long as it's...
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    FJ80 header down pipes?

    (feel free to bite my head off if this is the wrong spot to ask this...) All right a question for you geniuses of all things awesome: Good news: I just bought a '94 LC and I love it! (complete with the Fr/Rr lockers aka Knob of Power. YEEEE!) Not a thing wrong with it except the bad news...
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    My venture into the unknown...

    My venture into the unknown with a Cherokee... Well, I did it. After years of kicking myself for selling off our '92 Land Cruiser, I just couldn't be without my 4wd any more. (Don't ask why I sold it, that's still a rather painful subject. :oops:) So... I've jumped into the deep end of the...
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    Anyone heard of the SUMB?

    It's supposedly a French military truck made by Simca. Officially, the Simca Unic Marmon Bocquet (hence the acronym). Anyway, before sluffing it off as French, it's supposedly got a Ford V8, and "Unimog type suspension and chassis" according to It's got portal axles and maybe...
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    Break-Over Angle?

    Ok, I'm guessing this is the place to ask this as I haven't found a more knowledgeable group out there. I've read a lot about approach and departure angles, but haven't found a lot about the break over angle. Sure angling the vehicle helps, but often that's not an option. Is there any sort of...
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    Tatra Reliability?

    Well, I'm been reading long enough, I'm going to start posting, so hello to everyone! I've seen Tatra's name mentioned occasionally, but nothing about how they actually perform. I've seen the truck-trial videos, but how are they for expedition work?